French fries packaging

French fries packaging is produced in different types. These pockets and packages are made for restaurant and fast food use



Making French fries packaging

French fries packaging is designed and produced in different types. These boxes come in small, medium, and large sizes.

These packagings are also produced as fries pockets in take-out varieties so that customers can easily take the food and fast food. They order outside the restaurant and consume it anywhere.

One of the important features of making these types of boxes is the use of standard sheets of paperboard.

fires packs

Usually, inderboard and glossy cardboard are used for such packs so that the oil of French fries does not return to the packaging itself.

These boxes and pockets are also used for fast foods such as fried chicken or mushrooms. Currently, most restaurant and fast food owners use these packs, because these types of pockets are made of paper and cardboard which can be easily recycled.

Also, with the print that can be inserted on them, it is also a kind of advertisement.

Design of fires packaging

In terms of design, French fries packaging is produced according to the customer’s needs. For example, restaurant or fast food owners may want to offer fires in a pocket or box or even paper and cardboard plates to the customers and may have a bunch of them for saving in restaurants and models.

To impress restaurant customers, special pockets or boxes, can be produced. In this customization of French fries pockets and boxes, printing can be used to include your name and brand on it.

Usually, in most cases, they use inderboard to produce such packages. Inderboard paper board has been approved by the Food and Drug Organization in terms of health, and with the smoothness of its surface, the printing on it is very smooth and neat.

French fries boxes are mostly produced on locked bottom types. All of these boxes can have tremendous sales due to the diversity of their appearance.

The price of fast food packaging

To know the exact price, you can get in touch with the sales experts or carton making or box making by providing the dimensions (length, width, and height) and weight of your product so that they can calculate the exact price for convenience.

What is the characteristic of a suitable fries packaging?

To buy boxes or pockets for these fast foods, it is necessary to pay attention to the following items:

The paperboard used in the production of packaging boxes and pockets must be completely hygienic.

The weight of the cardboard should be high so that the products are not deformed during transportation and it can bear the weight of the product.

The design and production of these boxes should be in such a way the oil does not return to the packaging, and the observance of hygiene principles should be taken into account in their construction.

Pocket and boxes are used to improve services as well as the way to increase take-out food, especially in the field of fast food.

These boxes, due to the material used in them, are both good absorbers and do not reduce the heat inside the pocket.

Avin pack carton making with its good experience in producing packaging boxes and pockets can design these packs for the owners of fast food or chain restaurants.

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