calculating cardboard sheets

Calculating price of cardboard sheets

Calculating price of cardboard sheets is done through a process and taking into account the factors that we will explain in the following. Cardboard boxes with many fans that have found among manufacturers, are a good option for product packages…
moving cartons

Moving cartons

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Moving carton are used for home and office use, moving is a that every person has encountered at least once in his life, fragile items such as crystal and porcelain are always at risk when moving, and you should be in a carton that will nor…
barekat product box

Barekat product box

Barekat product box is one of the packaging used for covid-19 vaccines. These packages, which are produces according to world health standards by AvinPack Carton Company, are used for ShafaPharmed factory. Barekat…
tissue box

Tissue box

Tissue box and carton is used for wrapping napkins. In tissue paper cartons, we must pay more attention to hygiene, because such items that are used for hygiene, because they are associated with areas such as hands, face and mouth, the hygiene…
silk screen print

Silk screen print

Silk screen print is one of the options for printing in product packaging in carton and box making, and according to the packaging needs, you can choose offset printing, flexo printing, silk screen printing. packaging without printing is rarely…
chocolate box

Chocolate box

Chocolate box: Boxes of sweets and chocolates are the favorite of most people and have a very competitive a sales market. In addition to product quality, packaging is very important. Also, in addition to beauty, material, firmness, packaging…
Determine appropriate box for products

Determine appropriate box for products

Determine appropriate box for products of AvinPack carton making, printing and packaging industries with years of experience in producing various type of domestic and export packaging cartons for different products, ready to provide full services…
cosmetic packaging

Cosmetic packaging

One of the easiest ways to identify high-quality cosmetics from customers is to pack cosmetics. Having a suitable design and re4distration of the logo of the cosmetic company and the necessary description of it on the packaging can be one of…
designed packs

4 mistakes in design that you should avoid

4 mistakes in design that you should avoid: your brand is like a child to you and you have worked hard for it. You put a lot of time and thoughts into the smallest details, decisions, words, colors and images used in your brand. Therefore,…
drugs packs

Pharmaceutical packaging

Pharmaceutical packaging and types of drug boxes along with its design and printing are part of AvinPack carton manufacturing services and since the preparation and production drug boxes is related to the health of people in the community is…