chocolate box

Chocolate box: Boxes of sweets and chocolates are the favorite of most people and have a very competitive a sales market. In addition to product quality, packaging is very important. Also, in addition to beauty, material, firmness, packaging quality is also effective in selecting and attracting customers. Buying sweets or chocolates may not be among the basic needs of people, but the type and appearance of packaging is such that it attracts and buys.



Chocolate box packging

In addition to being hygienic, the packaging of chocolate should be such that sweets or chocolates can be easily removed from it and it should not be damaged, eaten or crushed, and it is one of the most basic and perhaps the most important things in attracting customers to buy this packaging. And with beautiful and new packaging, it makes one package different from other packages in the store.

A variety of modern chocolate box packaging

In the box of sweets and chocolates or chocolate cartons, a window can be creates n it, which makes the customer more comfortable and aware of the type of sweets or chocolates in the box. In fact, by creating a window, the customer established more contact with the product inside the box so that the product flashes to the customer that this type of packaging itself a positive point. Also, putting a divider is a good solution of packing chocolate or sweets that prevent spoilage, eating and sticking.

chocolate box

Chocolate box design

In designing chocolate packaging, it should be noted that the designer uses a design and color that stimulates the customers sense of taste and gives the customer a sense of taste and the customer has a great desire to buy.

simplicity i design plays a big role in selling and making that product stand out. When using packaging for chocolate, you should use packaging that is both hygienically suitable because it is directly relates to food and that its material is such that if stored in the refrigerator, it does not absorb moisture and gets wet.

In packaging, design must be constantly looking for creativity and innovative, and their creativity in most cases will increase sale the use of embossing, writing and gold printing and glaze on the surface of the packaging makes the packaging different and improved.

Sustainability and environmental compatibility

Chocolate box or carton of sweets and chocolates is one of the important factors in todays packaging because it is compatible with the environment and does not cause waste and waste in the environment and is completely recycled and attention to the causes the product packaging to enter not every country should be banned because this is important in modern countries where environmental protection is very important.

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