Determine appropriate box for products

Determine appropriate box for products of AvinPack carton making, printing and packaging industries with years of experience in producing various type of domestic and export packaging cartons for different products, ready to provide full services and including all stages accepting orders and producing and sending.

Determine appropriate box for products: Packaging cartons of different goods and products include different sizes and different models. Avin Pack experts, depending on the type of product, can hav3e complete guidance about the box model for you.

Different models of packaging cartons

As mentioned, the packaging carton model is selected according to the type of product.


American carton

The American carton packaging carton, as its name implies, has four door, from the top of the box, which is also called the mother carton. Four-door packaging carton is suitable for packaging large and heavy products, and as its name suggests, as a mother carton that holds small boxes in its heart and carries cartons to the door of stores more easily he does.

Determine appropriate box for products

Sliding box

The sliding box includes a sheath and a drawer that is made of cardboard and is very suitable for export products such as dates.

sliding carton box

Telescopic packaging carton(outsole)

telescopic carton, which include outsole and tops, are used i small dimensions, such as 800-gram date boxes, and in large dimensions for bulk date packaging.

telescopic carton box

Locked carton box

Locked carton boxes are commonly used for cosmetics products, and products such as lamp and breakable accessories with locked carton boxes.

locked carton box

Carton with handle

Carton with handle for easy transport from the store to the destination and more beautiful packaging , which is excellent for packaging nuts.

carton with handle

Export fruit packaging cartons

Exported fruits should be placed in moisture-resistance packaging cartons because they are transported to the destination country in moisture – resistance packaging cartons, so the standard dimensions of the container pallet bottom and sheet composition are very important.

fruit carton box

Determine sheet composition

Packaging cartons are usually in three layers and five layers. The strenght of the carton is determined by the composition of its sheets Avin Pack experts can give you complete guidance on determining this combinations, so it should determine the type of produce and its weight and whether the product is for export or wants to be used for the domestic market.

Laminated packaging carton:

You must have seen cartons with beautiful prints in different colors, four color printing on cartons is the same as laminate. For laminating, first the printing is done on cardboard and then cardboard is placed on the carton with special devices.


Cardboard box

Cardboard is also one of the stylish and light packaging for products such a chocolate. Cardboard boxes, as the name implies, are made of cardboard.

Types of cardboard

Different cardboard on the back of gray, shiny types, white cardboard and kraft, which are available in many different brands with different thickness in the market, which is again selected according to the product and cost-effectiveness in production, type of color and printing on the box.

Type of printing

Determine appropriate box for products: Printing is in three types of silk, flexo and offset. Silk and flexo printing or the same four color printing on card board, which is used for cardboard boxes and laminated cartons. To produce a carton or cardboard box, we need the lenght of the width and height, and many customers because they have gust produced a product or commodity and need packaging to market and do not know what kind of box or carton is suitable for packaging their product or some others used to package and supply their product in a different way and now they want to offer their product or in the form of a box or carton, as a result, none of them have the exact dimensions of their carton or packaging box, and we mention some points here. we help them with a bunch of people.

Importance packaging tips

  • The product is determined depending on the domestic or foreign sale and according to the brand or non-brand of the product and the amount of consumption of the product, the size and types of packaging.
  • If the packaging is for retail or store, according to the price of the product and the customers purchasing power, it should be calculated in what quantity size and weight of a package of the product should be offered.
  • If it is produced in bulk (American carton) for the number of small retail packages, we should pay attention to the price of the product in the number of small packages in one big size carton and see if it is economically justified or not.
  • What kind of material and composition of the packaging box and carton should it be, which is at the same time elegant and beautiful in terms of appearance and also protects the product againts possible damages, at the packaging should be such that is convenient and easy to transport.

How to determine the dimensions

You can easily measure lenght, width and height to determine the dimensions of objects. For products such as sugar, you can put it in a special containers that you have and measure the lenght, width and as far as the product rises in the container. This way e can determine the volume and get the size of the carton.

Box design

The designers of Avin Pack design the design on the box according to the product, its audience and the taste and desire of the customer, as long as the design is excellent and perfect from the customers point of view, the necessary changes are made. After producing boxes and packaging cartons, the boxes are sent to different cities by freight and the packing cartons reach their destination without being damaged.

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