pizza liner

Pizza liner or single face pizza pad is a sheet which is used in the pizza box, under pizza to maintain the health of this popular fast food. pizza liner can be designed and produces in the 3 forms: single sheet (carton flute + liner), 2 layers of cardboard flute, and one layer of cardboard flute.



The definition of a pizza liner

If you pay attention to the package and presentation method when ordering pizza or serving it in restaurants, you will see a single white sheet under the pizza. Have you ever wondered what this paper is, what kind it is, and what it is used for?

Undoubtedly, the first important point in the food package that restaurant owners are required to follow is maintaining the quality of the food and its health, which is one of the most obvious reasons for the increase in customers. As it is clear, the white color indicates health and cleanliness; For this reason, to supply a better feeling to the audience and customers, a single-face pizza pad is produced in white color. In addition to maintaining the health of the pizza, which is the most important factor, this sheet is also used to prevent the pizza from becoming doughy, especially for take-out foods, because the pizza has a high temperature after it comes out of the oven, and if it is in such a situation, it should be placed directly inside the oven. consumer puts the box, and surely after closing the lid, the pizza becomes doughy and is not usable anymore. This is only one of the problems of not using corrugated pizza box liner, in addition to this, the use of pizza liners will prevent the carton from getting wet and deformed due to the heat of the food.

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Why use pizza liners?

From the point of view of customers, hygiene and food quality are two important factors in determining the choice of a restaurant for food consumption. The taste of food is not only obtained by using high-quality food ingredients, but the way of packaging and placing it in containers and packs will overshadow the quality of food and can make it taste delicious or vice versa. If the customers are not satisfied with the quality of the food when they leave the restaurant, they will certainly not come there again and may tell others not to go to that restaurant.

Fast food owners who want to have many branches all over the country and expand and improve their business day by day, should think about the quality of their food in the first step, which depends on the way of packaging and its material. Maybe you have understood that only the pizza carton box is enough to be able to build a brand during this, but you need to know that the criteria for choosing your restaurant is the excellent quality of the food along with providing a hygienic and high-quality package. pizza liner allows the air to pass through the pores due to their congressional state, and the pizza maintains its crispness. If you don’t use a pizza box liner, the ingredients inside the pizza, such as mushrooms and tomatoes, will release water and in addition to kneading the pizza, they will also moisten and deform the box.

pizza pad

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Other names of pizza liner

  • pizza liner
  • single face pizza pad
  • corrugated pizza box liners
  • pizza box liner
  • paper liner for pizza box
  • pizza box paper liner
  • pizza liners
  • pizza box paper liner
  • paper liner for pizza box

Single-face pizza pad supplier

Who would have imagined that a pizza pad would affect the quality and taste of pizza to such an extent and would also affect branding issues? AVINPACK carton making is one of the leading factories in Alborz (Karaj) province, which in addition to the production of cardboard and corrugated carton boxes, also produces hygienic pizza box liners, so that pizza lovers can feel at ease about maintaining the quality of their food and the name and reputation of their brand. May the audience shine. It should be noted that you can see a significant price reduction by ordering pizza liners in large numbers.

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