Pizza box is produced as a common packaging for fast foods especially pizza. Most fast food restaurants and outsiders have the most orders for such boxes.



History of Pizza

Today, in the most fast food restaurants in the world, pizza is delivered to the customer with its boxes, which can be taken inside the restaurant or fast consumption.

The ancient Romans baked flatbread with olive oil and dries vegetables on hot stones, which were made in the country around 310 B.C. at that time, pizza did not have the appearance and meaning of now, and people were only satisfied with tasting bread with a variety of vegetables, and the ingredients that are now such as tomatoes, bell peppers, cheese, meat, sausages and various ones in the early stages of pizza did not exist at that time.

In the late 18th century, a simple baker named Raphael, who dreamed of making his way to the royal kitchen, cane up with an innovative idea for a new type of pizza.

By adding tomatoes, mozzarella cheese and basil, he was able to draw the attention of Queen Margarita and the king to his food, as his food had the appearance of an Italian flag, which led to his success and access to the court kitchen.

Named the Margarita pizza because of Queen Margarita’s welcome, it quickly became a Margarita pizza throughout Italy and all over the country, making it one all Italy’s most popular dishes.

Gradually, with the travels of various immigrants to Italy and their acquaintance with the new type of pizza, this type of pizza quickly became popular in other countries and many people became interested in it, with the changes they made in its taste, it became one of the most popular dishes in the world.

Pizza box design

There are different types of pizza boxes, each of which is used for different types of pizza according to their appearance. Most of them use red color spectrum in their decorations and interiors in fast food restaurants and outside foods.

This is due to the use of color psychology because red color is very appetizing and stimulates to brain and issues hunger commands. By being in such environments, you subconsciously get hungry and order a lot of fast foods.

This color is also used on pizza boxes. Pizza boxes are usually made of brown cardboard and only a simple flexographic print can be seen om them, only the logo and brand of the restaurant can be seen.

Although there are more beautiful boxes in different restaurants today than before, this is due to the importance of consumers to the packaging and its appearance, that is in addition to the quality of the packaging, the appearance of the box is also important and affect the customer’s next purchase.

Laminated boxes are one of the most attractive packaging models that a manufacturer or restaurant owner can have for their products and food. These boxes are effective in making the box look better and stronger, as they come with some printing services such as cellophane.

Why is the pizza box square but it is pollen and its slices are triangular?

This is an interesting question that may have occupied the minds of some. Well, making a square is a little harder and takes a lot of time, but being a circular.

Pizza box price

Usually most pizza boxes have the same size in height and width, but their length can be changed according to the size if the pizza and are produced in large, medium and small sizes.

Factors as dimensions, carton sheet, type of printing, circulation, etc. are important for calculating the price of a pizza box, and each of them affects the final price.

Do you know why they do nor recycle pizza boxes?

Pizza is also a food category and is made of ingredients, one of which is oil.

Recycling companies refuse to accept pizza boxes. Pizza boxes are soaked in oil and a layer of cheese and the paper fibers are reduced in quality and therefore they can not recycle the pizza boxes.

Well, this problem has its solutions. Restaurants can use inderboard laminated flooring for their boxes. This hygienic cardboard is usually used for food and other hygienic items.

Also, by cellophane the bottom layer of the box the pizza is placed, it is possible to prevent oil and melted cheese from penetrating into the paper fibers and recycle these boxes as well.

Boxes and packaging cartons are produced on various models due to their features such as light weight, high recyclability and the possibility of good printing for a variety of products, and due to their good points in transportation, aesthetics and environmental protection. Biosystem are one of the most widely used types of packaging world wide.

Last word

According to the need of numerous customers and different products, Avin Carton has performed very well in the production and design of carton packs and laminated boxes, and has been able to attract many customers with the most up-to-date and modern machines in the field of printing and packaging.

Slowly therefore, if you are a producer of domestic and export products you can order your products obtaining a free consultation from the sales unit in the contact us section.

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      as you see in restaurants, the carton packaging is better also it should be totally healthy. most of the pizza boxes are s made of single-face cartons.


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