green bean packaging box

Green bean box packaging must be produced from the high-qualified and best sheet composition due to the sensitivity in the storage of beans. green bean box packaging is designed and produced in the form of laminated boxes and flexography cartons for both domestic and exported markets. the green bean carton box that you see in the featured image is produced in AVINPACK carton making.



The exported green bean box packaging

In this part, we want to tell you about the most important features of exported green bean carton packaging;

  • High durability

High durability is the first item that the producer has to consider as maintaining the quality of green beans directly depends on this issue. the more you pay attention to the quality of the carton box, the better it will perform in preserving the product.

  • Be hygienic

Green beans are widely consumed in Iran and are used in summer dishes. therefore, it is essential to produce green beans hygienically, and in the packaging process, hygiene should be properly observed.

  • suitable model of carton box

Keeping fruits and vegetables, especially green bean box packaging is not an easy task and requires constant care and attention. This care becomes doubly important during export because it requires long distances, heat, humidity, and all these to pay more attention to packing the fruits. One of the elements that can help for this purpose is the choice of green bean carton packaging model; As we mentioned in the previous contents of AVIN PACK, various and numerous models of a box are produced by carton companies, and the selection of each of them is made according to the type and characteristics of your product.

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The best carton for packaging green beans!

The packaging of fruits and vegetables such as green beans provides an opportunity for producers to tell customers who you are as a brand and what you believe in. The packaging cannot shout at the customer “buy me”, it must be designed in such a way that it arouses the emotions of the audience and encourage them to think beyond the product to the brand. The carton for the export of green beans, whether for the domestic market or export, should be designed and produced in such a way that preserves the product until it reaches to its destination.

The types of cartons that are used for packaging most vegetables and agricultural products, especially green beans include three-layer carton boxes, four-layer, and five-layer cartons, which are ordered by customers in two ways with flexography printing and offset printing.

As a manufacturer and exporter, you can use laminated boxes that are very stylish and luxurious to show the strength of your brand and differentiate it from other competitors. By using laminated cartons, you can apply your desired design on bean carton box.

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Green bean carton packaging features

  • Ventilation mode
  • High durability
  • Easy transportation
  • Having enough suitable space
  • Easy to use in various tasks
  • recyclable
  • Ability to print on it

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Green bean carton box price

The bean packing box prices depend on many factors the same as the dimension (size) of the bean box packaging, circulation (the number of orders), types of printing, model of box, the quality of sheet composition, and so on. If you want to order beautiful bean carton packaging with relatively high durability, our suggestion is to order laminated cardboard that attracts the attention of every viewer at first glance.


AVINPACK carton making is ready to provide the best and most up-to-date services to you, dear customers so that you can organize your business in a short period. For a free consultation and know about the price of green bean box packaging, contact us.

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