5-layer carton

5-layer carton is another packaging that is used in many industries. Due to its high number of layers, it is most often produced for products with heavier weights and higher sensitivities.



What is 5-layer carton?

5-layer carton consists of five layers pf sheets, which include three flat layers and two flute sheets; flutes are all present between these outsole and the top, also called liners, to multiply the strength of packaging carton.

Composition of flutes, depending on the weight of the product and its export, are made of different materials with different quality the most commonly used five-layer cartons for item such as moving cartons, home appliances cartons for heavier and large appliance, fruit and vegetable cartons, boxes of industrial and mechanical parts.

There are many products on the market made of five-layer cartons. Most of which have high weight are more sensitive to external damage.

When you want to order and buy a suitable package for your products, the first thing you need to give to the carton manufacturers is what are your products and how much does it weigh?

Usually products such as breakable appliances, exported fruits and vegetables, kitchen appliances and equipment with importance and high price, etc. need packs that can be stored in any situation.

5-layer carton

5-layer cartons can be the most suitable option for the mentioned products by providing such as feature. For example, fruits and vegetables that are to be stored for a longer period of time and travel a long distance, having a proper packaging can help keep them healthy.

As mentioned in the article of three-layer cartons, different types of flutes are formed. In 5-layer cartons, two middle layers of flutes are formed, with the differences that in three-layer cartons, there was a composite flute between the liners, but in five-layer cartons, there was one layer of mixed flutes and there is single flute, which increase the strength of the carton.

Regarding the price, it can be said that due to the volume of sheets used in 5-layer cartons, it costs more than three-layer. For the production of 5-layer cartons is very large dimensions, it is recommended to use flexographic printing to have a more cost-effective cost.

But for fruit and summer cartons that are to be stores in the refrigerator, it is better to apply offset printing laminating process, which also includes printing services such as cellophane.

5-layer sheet composition

The composition of the five-layer carton sheet depends on the type and weight of the product. Since the 5-layer carton consists of 5 types of sheets.

The quality of each of these sheets is different. For example, if the manufacturer intends to produce products that have high added value and are highly sensitive to external damage, the recommended sheet for the production of cartons is duo-craft with a appropriate cost, you can slightly reduce the quality of the sheets.

We mentioned the use of five-layer carton at the beginning of the article and said that most suitable printing used for five-layer cartons, due to the dimensions of the produced is usually flexographic printing, but for those whose goods are exported or are supposed to be like fruits and vegetables inside. Once refrigerated, die-cut cartons are produced by offset printing.

What is the difference between three-layer and five-layer carton?

Both 3 and 5 layer cartons are used to pack different accessories, as you know they are the same material and both are made of cumin, top and flute sheets.

The products packages inside these goods determine their difference from each other. For example, imagine exporting tomatoes and eggplant, which, given their weight and the fact that they are supposed to be transported in containers for a longer period of time, it is better to use a carton that can withstand the weight of the products and has sufficient strength..

Why should some products be packaged in 5-layer cartons?

As mentioned in the article, 5-layer cartons, due to their durability and strength, are suitable for products that have high weight ad more expensive price. Fragile appliances that are very sensitive to external damage.

For example, fruits and vegetables, categories of food whose packaging is crushed due to moisture and lose their quality., or good that are supposed to travel a long distance t the target markets, it is better to pack in 5-layer carton.

The final word

AvinPack Carton Company with more than a decade of experience in the filed of carton and box manufacturing is a continuous activity. Most of pack, it produced are for export. Due to to its work experience ad also an experience team in the field of sales, design and production, this group has been able to satisfy customers and expand its customer club.

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