Chick shipping boxes

Chick shipping box: the production of chick shipping boxes is another service of AVINPACK carton making for ease of transportation and comfort of the chicks in any season. you can order chicken shipping box in our company with the best quality.



Chick cardboard box is the only way of saving chickens

It may be interesting to you, but carton boxes are also used to transport and store chickens and transfer them to the poultry farm. If you have a review of your childhood memories, you will surely remember that at that time, when buying colored chickens, sellers would put them in cardboard boxes and then sell them. You used to do this by using cardboard after buying to preserve and protect them. From the past to the present day, chick transport boxes have always been a suitable and good option for keeping and maintaining the comfort of these small and useful creatures. As you know, an important part of our daily nutrition and food is provided through chickens, so it is necessary to provide reasonable maintenance conditions for them during transportation and transfer to poultry farms, so that both their losses are reduced and they are safe from any contamination.

it is interesting to know that the live bird shipping boxes have so many benefits for chickens; Low weight, high durability, possibility of air conditioning, health control, and affordable price are the most important reasons for using a chicks corrugated boxes.

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Types of chicks corrugated boxes

Chick cardboard boxes box are designed in such a way to provide suitable conditions for the comfort and protection of chickens. There are a series of holes on these cartons so that the air filter works well. The cartons that are made for this purpose vary according to the type of chickens, the most widely used of which are three-layer cartons and five-layer cartons with flexographic printing. Now the question may come to your mind, which dimensions are most applicable in this field. Size 17*42*57 (in Cm) is the most standard size that is considered for the production of live bird shipping boxes.

chick shipping boxes

The most obvious features of the chicken shipping box

  • Possibility of air conditioning
  • The comfort of the chickens during the transfer to the poultry farm
  • High strength and durability
  • Reasonable price
  • Has holes for light inside the box
  • Keeping chickens moist
  • Ease of assembly and assembly
  • Protecting chickens from any contamination
  • Minimizing damage to day-old chicks
  • The possibility of printing on cardboard up to 4 colors
  • Ability to apply logo and brand for the customer
  • Easy transportation
  • Recyclability
  • Chickens will not crush under each other’s feet

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The price of poultry shipping boxes

The estimation of the cost of the chicken shipping box depends on the type and material used in the production of the packaging carton. It is worth noting that the more durable the box is, the more its price will increase. Among other influential factors in this regard, we can mention the dimensions and circulation in question.

last words

In this content, you learned about the one-day-old chicken transport box, its structure, features and the most important advantages for keeping them, and you learned how the preparation of the chicken transport box affects the health and hygiene of the chickens. Avin Pack is one of the providers and producers of all kinds of live bird shipping boxes at your service. To receive online advice, contact the sales experts of Avin Pack through the chat site .

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