POS machine carton box

POS machine box packaging is produced in the form of single-face boxes and 3-layer carton boxes with both Offset and Flexography printing. providing durable carton boxes for the POS machine is essential as they are vulnerable.

POS machine

A POS machine is a device used to create an electronic transaction for credit card payment. such devices cannot be presented to the markets without packaging because they might be damaged during transportation. currently, POS machines are used a lot.

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Types of POS machine box packaging

POS machine carton boxes are designed and produced in various sorts according to the customer’s opinion. the most usable POS machine carton packaging is single-face boxes and 3-layer cartons. it’s possible to produce any type of POS machine packaging box in considered size, shape, and printing

most of the POS machine carton packaging is produced in the form of laminated boxes which in such packaging, apply your logo, favorite design and colors are high quality.

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Of course, the production of the Flexography printing boxes for the POS machine packaging boxes is done according to the customer’s request. As we said, the POS device is considered electronic equipment. these tools are very sensitive and fragile against damage. for this reason, its carton packaging structure should be completely durable and strong.

Types of the POS device machine

These tools are produced in different kinds according to the use of the customers. types of this machine include

  • M POS
  • PC POS
  • LAN 1
  • PDA

and so on.

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Can we utilize cardboard boxes for packaging the POS machine?

To answer this question, we must say that there is nothing to be done but be careful. cardboard boxes made up of with just a thin layer which uses for packaging lightweight products ( below 1 kilogram). because the strength of the cardboard boxes is not the same as carton packaging, it’s not recommended.

POS machine carton box

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Frequently asked questions

what are the types of POS devices ?

  • Dial POS: communication through the phone line
  • GPRS POS: communication on the GPRS platform
  • Lan POS: Lan local network platform with very high transaction speed
  • Bluetooth POS: it works based on blue tooth technology.
  • PC POS: by connecting to all kinds of store software, it eliminates the step of entering the amount by the customer or the cashier and prevents many human errors.
  • M POS: it is a very small
  • WI-FI POS: it is on a wireless platform that requires wi-fi to communicate.
Avinpack carton making

Avinpack carton making has produced its best boxes and cartons in Iran and presented them to its customers by using mechanized machines of the printing and packaging industry and gathering the force of carton and box makers. for getting more information about POS machine box packaging, contact us.

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