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Avin pack Packaging

pizza liner

Pizza liner + Single face pizza pad

Pizza liner or single face pizza pad is a sheet which is used in the pizza box, under pizza to maintain the health of this popular fast food. pizza liner can be designed and produces in the 3 forms: single sheet (carton flute + liner), 2 layers…
ledger binder carton box

ledger binder carton box | document archive file box packaging

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The ledger binder carton box is produced in a huge dimension because the main purpose of producing these cartons is packaging many ledger binders beside each other. since the ledger binders are heavy, the best item for packaging them is using…
green bean packaging box

Green bean box packaging + free consultation and price

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Green bean box packaging must be produced from the high-qualified and best sheet composition due to the sensitivity in the storage of beans. green bean box packaging is designed and produced in the form of laminated boxes and flexography cartons…
Cardboard sleeves

Cardboard sleeve | Buy packaging sleeves with the best quality

cardboard sleeve: there are so many cardboard sleeves that are used for packaging products. these packaging sleeves cover the surrounding part of the pack and somehow protect them. What are the packaging sleeves?…
Faucets box packaging

Production of faucets box packaging

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Faucets box packaging is produced in the form of 3-layer and 5-layer carton boxes because of their weight. production of faucets box packaging is the best item to protect these goods and also advertising aspects. Design…
modem carton box

Wireless modem packaging

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Wireless modem packaging is one of the most important issues in the field of electrical appliances. Modems are shock-sensitive electrical products that external damages affect their performance and in some cases cause them to fail therefore,…

Kraft paper

Kraft paper is a kind of recyclable material for packaging different products and goods such as fruits, vegetables, pizza, dried fruits, and so on. Kraft paper refers to a specific type of pulping process that ensures strong paper. The origin…
luxury packaging

Why luxury packaging is called MR. Marketer?

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Luxury packaging can be considered one of the persuasive solutions to buying products. In this article, we want to talk about the why and how of these luxury packages work so that they understand how important they can be and why you should…
French fries packaging

French fries packaging

French fries packaging is produced in different types. These pockets and packages are made for restaurant and fast food use Making French fries packaging French fries packaging is designed and produced in different…
food packaging regulatons

Food packaging regulations

Food packaging regulations are the factors that any producers should obey the rules. Also, food packaging has some standards are released by FDA. Food packaging is very important and strict supervision is done both…