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Wireless modem packaging is one of the most important issues in the field of electrical appliances. Modems are shock-sensitive electrical products that external damages affect their performance and in some cases cause them to fail therefore, their carton box must have sufficient resistance. In most cases, the wireless modem carton is presented in a laminated box for more sales.



Wireless modem carton packaging

The wireless modem carton box is one of the most essential items for these products, modems are one of the electrical-communication devices that can connect the Internet to the computer and transfer data. In today’s world of life, being on the Internet has no meaning, so despite the prevailing conditions and everyone’s access to the Internet, businesses have also gone online and prospered in this way. Therefore, the existence of such modems and the communication channel they provide is very vital for today’s world, and in this case, their packaging is also very important because this type of equipment must work correctly in terms of performance to achieve the desired result, so it must be packaged. They have enough resistance and strength.

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Types of Wireless modem packaging

There are various types of boxes and cartons for modems, which use different sorts of printing and services according to the use of each one. Cardboard and carton boxes especially laminated ones guarantee the beauty of the packaging. carton boxes have higher resistance, and considering the possibility of offset printing and the laminate process on them, so they are one of the best options for packaging. Wireless modem packaging is produced in the shape of single-face boxes, 3-layer carton packaging, and cardboard boxes by carton manufacturing companies.

Wireless modem packaging can be produced in various cardboard and cardboard boxes. Production of suitable packaging for the modem should be done according to its weight. For example, if pocket modems are going to be sold, it is better to use a cardboard box for them, but modems that have a higher weight should be packed in a carton box.

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modem carton packaging

How is the modem carton box printed?

The printing of the modem box is done by the customer’s request in the form of flexography or offset. Of course, it should be noted that in four-color (offset) printing, you can use all colors in your packaging and you do not have color limitations in printing. In addition, boxes with offset printing, which are the same as laminated cardboard, will help you to highlight your brand by using printing services.

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What features should modem carton packaging printing have?

Printing the modem packaging is one of the most important measures for shipping and finally selling it. Carton and box printing for all kinds of computer accessories such as modems have a direct impact on the sales and branding of that product.

  • Have high quality
  • be legible
  • have the right color according to the product
  • have an economic justification

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How is the price of the modem box calculated?

The cheap pricing of the modem box depends on various factors such as product size, box dimensions, the design you want, the type of cardboard used to make it, the kind of carton box you choose, the sort of printing you have considered, and the circulation of the order.

How to buy and order wireless modem packaging?

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