mug carton packaging

Mug packaging should be designed to deliver the product to the customer in the end, correctly and safely. Those type of breeding accessories such as mugs and porcelain are usually packed into 3-layer cartons. They can use dividers and holders for their safety.



Importance of Mug packaging

What should the box and carton of the coffee mug package look like? Have you ever wondered why they are packing mugs at all?

Why are not they offered without boxes?

With a little reflection, you will find that a packaging carton for these products is useful in several ways.

Since these goods are often glass or ceramic, they must be placed in a box to stay healthy and not filled in a box to avoid possible damage.

In the earliest possible case, the pack is designed to protect its contents of itself from any damage and safety during transportation.

On the other hand, the packaging identity and birth certification of each product is considered to be the help of the product features. It will also make your brand a highlight.

How are the custom mug boxes?

Since those products are part of the breakdown, their packs are essential.

For this reason, using carton boxes is an ideal option. 3-layer packaging cartons are used to maintain them.

In some cases, depending on the weight of the mug, you can also use a single-laminate carton, in which a laminate layer both keeps the product well and with attractive design and color will make the product more sales.

Note that some mug packages use a divider. The reason for using this model of cartons that are divided is to put the mug inside the carton retainer with our worrying and make sure it stays until the customer’s hand.

The impact of design on the package of the mug

Designing is a key factor in packaging that, the more quality and readable, the more customer can attract and distinguish your product from competitors.

mug carton packaging

The visual appearance, not any represents the quality of the product, but also reflects the credibility of the manufacturer and the brand of the product.

Is it necessary to have a print on the box and carton of the mug packaging?

Concerning this question, there is no need for a box printing, but if you care about the brand and success in your business, we recommend using the most quality material and the best design and printing for mug packaging because the first factor is, the quality of the packaging is very effective in maintaining in, and the design and beauty of the box will also affect the exponential growth of sales.

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Because of the choice that the customer has against the purchase of different products and also because it is the customer’s production costs.

It is important to pay attention to visual taste and create attractive and ideal printing.

In the packaging industry, various types of printing are used, the most widely used to offset and flexo.

Print services

After printing, there is another service on the boxes to double their beauty, and even in some cases made the package strengthening, called post-printing services.

As you know, the non-print box only plays a protective role for the product and cannot represent it, so post-printing services will help to stay in the minds of the audience, such as goldsmith, silver cobblers, prominent services, cellophane, UV, ambassador, etc. are some of the things that will make the packaging more attractive, which only possible in offset printing.

Mug packaging models

Different models of the packaging box are produced and supplied, which are sometimes determined by product features and in some cases for customer convenience.

What are the features of mug packaging?

  • Logos optimal quality for advertising and brand prominence
  • Ease of transportation
  • Having the right size with the goods
  • Beautiful design and door
  • Resistant

The price of mug packaging

The cost of a mug packaging carton depends on factors such as dimensions, sheets, printing, and subsequent services, design circulation.

In addition, depending on the type of print you choose for cartons (flexo and laminate) and the print services mentioned, they will be effective in determining its finished price.

But if you want to make a cheaper price, you can order your packaging in high circulation.

In this article, we tried to give you some useful information about the importance of having a box and carton mug packaging.

The importance of having a box and carton mug packaging.

As mentioned, the most appropriate packaging should be, along with excellent quality, encouraging shopping. Therefore, choosing the right carton to produce packaging has a great impact on your goods, which is great brand popularity and sales.

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