modem carton box

Wireless modem packaging

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Wireless modem packaging is one of the most important issues in the field of electrical appliances. Modems are shock-sensitive electrical products that external damages affect their performance and in some cases cause them to fail therefore,…
mug carton packaging

Mug packaging

Mug packaging should be designed to deliver the product to the customer in the end, correctly and safely. Those type of breeding accessories such as mugs and porcelain are usually packed into 3-layer cartons. They can use dividers and holders…
simple cartons

Production simple cartons

Production simple cartons is done at the customer and requires dimensions such as lenght, width and height and does not have a special shape, ie there cartons are basically square or rectangular and are called mother cartons, whose resistance…
recognize carton box

Recognize the carton box

Recognize the carton box requires familiarity with the type of sheet composition, type of carton, cardboard material, printing method as well as reviewing box models, achieving refrigeration combinations, export market, domestic and such that…