Printing on cardboard and cardboard boxes All kinds of Iranian products for supply to the domestic and export market can be ordered in Avin Pack carton and box making.

After-printing services

What are after-printing services and why do we use them? 

After-printing services are a set of services performed on the surface of various types of cardboard packaging. On the other hand, these services make the box more durable and attractive. After-printing services…
Flexo printing

Flexo printing

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Flexo printing is commonly used for high-volume prints or for items such as direct printing on cartons that are not possible in offset printing and silk screen printing. Of course, in the carton industry, laminating on carton has completely…
letter press machine

Letter press machine

Letter press machine is one of the oldest types of printing compared to other prints such as offset, flexo and digital. Others prints have surpassed letter press due to the increasing development of today's world, and this type if less used…


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A Label is a delicate label that is affixed to the goods that we see and exist around us. These labels contain information that includes the product barcode, price, address, \phone and other factors. In the world…
silk screen print

Silk screen print

Silk screen print is one of the options for printing in product packaging in carton and box making, and according to the packaging needs, you can choose offset printing, flexo printing, silk screen printing. packaging without printing is rarely…