silk screen print

Silk screen print is one of the options for printing in product packaging in carton and box making, and according to the packaging needs, you can choose offset printing, flexo printing, silk screen printing. packaging without printing is rarely used and is not recommended.



What is silk screen pirinting?

Silk screen printing is a type of printing in which a stencil (using a wooden or mental coil and silk mesh) is used, in which the color is printed on the surface through a stencil. The face is indirect, but is silk screen printing, the color is intended directly on the surface.


Advantage of silk screen printing

One of the advantage of silk screen printing is that when you need low circulation in printing, due to the high price in other prints, the manufacturer stops or waits until the number of orders reaches the quorum, but in silk screen printing this issue is eliminated. You can order your box or carton in low volume with reasonable price.

silk screen printing

Uses of silk screen printing can be printed on paper, cardboard, nylon, nylex, fabric, show box, pasty box, date box, fruit carton, spare parts carton, American cartons and all boxes made of carton.

Disadvantage of silk screen pirinting

Silk screen printing is economical, but it is also cost effective that can not be ignored, including low speed, low fineness, low resolution, lower final quality than fast printing and limited color combination and monochrome in print.


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      it has lots of advantages but the main part is cheaper than an offset printing and for people who are in the beginning of their businesses, is a good choice.


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