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Tissue box and carton is used for wrapping napkins. In tissue paper cartons, we must pay more attention to hygiene, because such items that are used for hygiene, because they are associated with areas such as hands, face and mouth, the hygiene of these packaging is essential.



Tissue paper

Today, with the development of the world in which we live, cloth napkins have given way to paper napkins because these napkins bring convenience to the consumer and have good benefits, for example, dis posable paper napkins and other like napkins fabrics do not need to be washed and are easy to use and can be found everywhere.


Tissue box prices

Having dimension (Lenght, width and height) is very important for making a tissue box, as well as the variety of sheets used. Tissue boxes are usually produced for offset printing and their boxes are usually laminated. So all these factors affect the price of tissue. Many manufacturers want cheap packaging but do not know cheap packs only have the feature of reasonable price but can not do well in attracting customer attention in competitive markets.

Tissue boxes are sold in different dimensions depending on the customers need which is the number of 100 sheets in dimensions ( 5*11.5*23), you can see 200 sheets in dimensions ( 7.5*11*23) more in the current markets.

creative tissue box

Tissue box design

The appearance of the packaging is very important because the first thing you come across is the product pack. We all know that the main task of packaging is to protect the product so that it maintains the internal contents of the product and delivers it safely to the customer. You will find different tissue boxes in the market which are different from each other in terms of design, color and even geometric shape, the more unique the packaging, the more attention is paid to it, which results increase sales and profitability.


Tissue box is a hygienic product, so that type of box and its printing should be such that it observes all hygienic principles. Since the production of paper tissue and its per capita consumption is high, paper tissue can become a brand that, in addition to having good quality, also benefit from modern packaging.

Tissue boxes can be ordered from laminated boxes, which are highly recommended for the use of such products because with their good appearance, they leave a significant impact on sale. After printing on the tissue box, cellophane can be used because it makes the box more resistance and is a kind of insulation against moisture and humidity.

At the request of the customer, bowie printing services can be used to make the packs competitive and effectiveness, which gives more gloss to the packaging and makes it more glossy. Also, for the hygiene of this product, a thin layer of nylon is glues inside it to prevent the penetration of dirt and dust into the pack.

Advantage of cardboard in tissue paper pack

The advantages of cardboard and carton packs have been proven to every one. These types of packs with the ability to facilitate transportation can make moving products many times easier due to the paper capability, these boxes have high flexibility and ductility. Card board packaging is more economical than other packaging and also works better for storage it does nor change the packaging or the internal contents of the product. In addition to all these features, good printing points and graphic methods can be seen in a kind of enchanting way with beautiful and colorful colors and design.

tissue box packaging

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the price of tissue paper packaging? To calculate the price of paper tissue packs, you must provide the exact price by considering its dimensions and type of box, which are the most widely used paper tissue packs in the number of 100 sheets ( 5*1105*23) and 200 sheets ( 7.5*11*23).

How does tissue box design affect sales? The beauty of the product pack is subject to its unique designs, the use of happy and beautiful colors is very effective in attracting the customers.

Why cardboard box? Laminated cardboard boxes, especially with the type of printing services they have, can be useful for export, and also these cartons with fast transportability high recyclability, good product maintenance and ease of storage are among the most popular consumer options.

Concluding remarks

Since all hygienic principles must be observed in paper tissue packaging and they must be impressive in terms of beauty, Avin Pack Carton Company, along with a powerful team in various production in design and sales sectors, has met the needs of customers. And so far it has been able to attract the attention of many customers, if you are a manufacturers in the field of domestic and export, you can contact the experts in the field in the ( contact us) section.

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