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One of the easiest ways to identify high-quality cosmetics from customers is to pack cosmetics. Having a suitable design and re4distration of the logo of the cosmetic company and the necessary description of it on the packaging can be one of the things the most famous brands, and manufacturers follow.



These items affect the customer’s initial view of the product and cause them to look at it when they encounter the product on the store shelf. After this stage, if the quality of the product and the description in the cosmetic packaging are convincing and appropriate for the customer, it will cause the selection and purchase of that product.

cosmetic products packaging

After extensive studies and customer surveys, the results that may be effective in the sale of cosmetics were obtained. A few brief points from this research are given in the following text.

This research, which is based on the opinions of thousands of people, especially women, shows that on store shelves or in shopping malls.

83% of people care about the legibility and clarity of the wors on the cosmetic box.

77% said that cosmetics packaging should be visible on the store shelf.

74% said it was important for them to include instructions for using cosmetics on the packaging.

57% said it was important for them to know what skin type this product was for and more than half said people care about the overall beauty of the packaging.


perfume box

From the results of this research, we learn a few things, it is important for cosmetics what the beauty of the product is like, but what is more important is choosing the right product for their skin the consumer knows that the instructions for use of the product are inside the package, but prefers to see it on the cosmetics package as well so that he can move easily decide to buy.

Cosmetic packaging

All of these points about cosmetics packaging were related to product box packaging, so-called secondary packaging, and another study taken from the number of people was about the primary packaging that made the product includes such as a cream tube or cologne bottle. And here we mention the statistics obtained from this research.


90% of people said that consuming the last drop of the product is important to them and they prefer that nothing of the product remains in the tube.

81% said it was vital for them to see the product name on the tube or jar or packaging box.

78% said they would prefer the instructions to be written on the product jar or tube itself.

77% said that it is important for them to open the lid of the product easily.


finally, 56% said that the appearance and beauty of the product and its packaging box are very important to them

So that statistics we get, we need to know that technology is constantly evolving and science is changing, which means that our initial understanding of products and their growth and align with the needs of the industry, companies, and manufacturers are advised to consider the need for a custom design for the packaging of their products as vital and to act to brand their products

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