corrugated stand

Corrugated stand is based on the type of commodity that is supposed to be used in them, they are produced and designed in terms of customer needs and use. Stands are one of the most efficient methods for selling some of the products that we will review them with another.



How to make corrugated stand?

Corrugated stand is used in stores and shopping malls. Of course, other states are like metal, plexiglass, wooden, and so on, each of which are used in their own places.

If we want to give a more detailed explanation, we should say that is meant to stand. The cause of its naming can be because it is standing in and the commodity is specified and exhibited.

Corrugated stands are cutting with die-cut devices that have a more regular and shaped. According to the dimensions and models, the template is prepared for it and the print that is in most cases offset printing are inserted on it.

First of all, we need to know what the purpose of the design and production of corrugated stands?

One of the most powerful reasons for these packages is to display the goods that are inside or array, targeting their production for products, most promotional aspects of goods and commercials brand, which leads to increased sales that product.


Corrugated stands are more in stores and shopping malls such as passages and shops. These stands can be for numerous products, such as cosmetics, a variety of colors and designs, often used by laminated stands, because printing is a suitable method for informing individual and customers from the product with a specific brand places such as: pharmacies, cosmetics, stores, displays and so on.

The production of such stands is very practical in both cardboard and carton methods and can easily be used in all cases. To produce them, first weigh all the products that want to be within a land, estimated, and if the weight of heavy products, it should be produced, but if we had a lighter weight, it can also be produced.

To produce its cardboard type, it can be used with high thickness to cause deforming and is produced for heavier weight, which is either a flute or from the type of 2 layer carton.

Calculate high qualified stand price

To calculate the price, fist the exact dimensions, printing types, sheet and order number should be considered. The stylistics of various products are a simple but at the same time modern package used for a variety of goods and one of the most suitable types of packaging. For example, instead of producing a box for each cream, you can sell them with the production of suitable division.

Advantage of use the stands

Corrugated stand is one of the most widely used packaging typed that are used for a variety of products. especially, cosmetics, stands have many advantages that can be used to make a package for each product, which can also be packed and regular.

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