bell pepper cartons

Bell pepper packaging is produced in different types of outsoles and telescopes, four doors, double column, etc. The material of the cartons are usually determined from three-layer cartons according to the weight ad volume of the products.

Bell pepper box

Bell pepper packaging is produced according to the type of product. The typed of product means whether you are going to export them or not. If the products are for export, they use 5-layer cartons in all cases, because the goods to be exported are more sensitive, because the carton and the product may suffer during transportation or storage in sub-zero temperatures.

Bell pepper is one of the summer bunches that has many properties. One of the most prominent features if bell pepper is having large amounts of vitamin C. which has antioxidant properties and prevent colds.

Exporting this product to other countries is profitable because the possibility of cultivation and harvesting it in our country is high and it can be seen in colors such as red, orange, yellow and green, which are used to flavor food and even to decorate it.

Of course, with have conditions for both the product and the packaging, will not be easy at all. Exporters must exercise utmost care and quality so that these products enter the target market. We will mention some points that it is suggested that you stay with us until the end of the content.

The price of bell pepper packaging

How to calculate the price depends on many factors such as dimensions ( length, width and height), circulation (number of orders), typed of sheet used, sheet material, printing and number of colors, etc. Each of which can be priced in detail.

Fluctuates and that is why when you want to produce and order your packaging, you must consider these small points and pay attention to them. For example, the price of flexo carton is very different from laminated cardboard because there is no color and design restriction in cartons and laminated boxes, and in addition to the printing services used for packaging cartons, it is more expensive.


Well, of course, the high cost is not unreasonable. manufacturers, to introduce your brand name in the field of export, you need a package that promotes that brand name, so spending in this field is a guarantee for your business to become famous.

For this reason, by providing the items mentioned in the first paragraph, you can have the exact price of the carton package.

Production and deign of bell pepper packaging

To produce bell pepper, it is necessary to pay attention to a number of points. For example, as mentioned, whether the products are exported or not is one of the important points.

Also, bell peppers are usually packaged in weight of 4-6 and 6-8 kg. So according to the weight of the product, the typed of sheet and the carton model will also be different.

Due to its sensitivities, bell pepper must be used with utmost care in its production and manufacturer. One of the points of that when the bell peppers are placed in the refrigerators to remain healthy and fresh for transportation.

They release acid that causes pressure on the carton and crushed the carton or packaging box. Therefore, sheets and flutes should be used for it, which will not damage the packaging or the product.

Regarding the design of bell pepper cartons, most of the colors that are present in bell pepper are used, but their predominant color is green. There are different typed of packaging carton models that can be produced according to the customers request and opinion.


The production and design o export cartons, especially in the field of fruits and vegetables, which have many experts to other countries, must be done with utmost care and with the highest quality materials.

One of the main concern of manufacturers is that their brand becomes famous and established in the destination country. In order to achieve your goals, Avin pack packaging through its experience in the production and design of fruits and vegetables cartons, can produce the best boxes and packaging cartons for your products, so that you can safely introduce your goods.

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