Carton box at best price, which has mentioned many times, requires consideration of several items, such as the type of carton material, the dimensions of packaging, which is determined by the dimension of product, the production volume of the packaging carton, design and type of printing, it is significant to estimate the price of carton.



First of all, it is better to know that carton is made of paper and can be recycled, and therefore it is considered a very suitable option for packaging. Carton sheets are produced is several layers, here we are dealing with 3-layer and 5-layer carton sheets. Carton sheets are divided based on flutes (A, B, C, E) and their layers.

Advantages of carton packaging

Carton box at best price in Iran is produce in many factories. Cartons have been considered as one of the most common packages for a long time. From ancient times, all kinds of goods were given to the customer in paper bags. Also, carton box for packing is the nicest product can protect your products until they reach to customers.

Today, one of the most widely used packages is card board and boxes. These light weight packs have the ability to carry heavier objects without damaging them. Despite the high printing capability and no restriction on design and color. They can perform better in the field of export than any other type of packaging and enter the recycling cycle quickly.

Carton box price

The price of packaging carton on the number of layers and flutes used, which means that the more layers of carton, the higher the cost price. The main function of flutes is to make cartons stronger so that they can hold high-weight products well. BC, CE & EB are among the most widely used flutes that are responsible for packing all kinds of products.

Order cartons

Cartons are available in several types, including 2-layer, 3-layer, 5-layer and 7- layer types, the most common of which s three-layer carton, which is used for many products and can withstand a weight of up to 12 kg. to order cartons, you need to set a number of necessary information is available to the manufacturer, information such as dimensions, type of carton, design and printing and its services, etc. are important that affect the finished price if the packaging and their presence in mandatory.

Carton production

A carton is in production from the time it was in the first stage of dough and there turned into a sheet until its last stage, which is cutting and die cutting. When it comes in the form of a carto or box, it is when its production stage is over and it enters the next process.

Carton ordered in certain dimensions, which may have a special printing or laminating process, have reached the production stage and are ready for consumption after the manufacturing process.

Two-layer carton

The two-layer carton, which is very unused, is placed as corrugated layer and smooth layer under or on it, which consists of two layers of sheets that form a two-layer carton and is known as the single-face, which has flute B&C.

Three-layer carton

Three-layer cartons are basically cartons in which one layer of corrugated paper is place in the middle and the other two smooth layers (without corrugated) are placed on the corrugated layer at the bottom, which are basically three-layered and from a three-layer carton, it should be noted that according to the need in the packaging can be changed carton layers, which can be used for medium-weight packaging items.

Flutes is a three-layer carton C, A, B, E which E is used for small and delicate boxes hat have a more beautiful shape and icon, and A,B is used for carton boxes that have medium dimensions and size, and the flute C is used for larger cartons, so called mother cartons.

Five-layer carton

5-layer carton sheet in Iran, EB and BC flutes are used. Depending on the need of product, this product can be used. This type of cartons, due to the many layers used in them, have the ability to carry heavier objects and can transported their goods to the desired destination without damage, whether in transportation and what other products to deliver.

Seven-layer carton

7-layer sheet is mostly used for export in Iran because due to long and long transportation it protects the production from possible damages.


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