Pistachio box

Pistachio packaging of dried fruits in Iran is the first and largest producer of high quality pistachios. Hazelnuts, Koleghoochi, Ahmad Aghaei and Akbari pistachio are exported to Asian and European countries in different countries. They are sold in bulk in stores and in most cases are retail.



Pistachio box

That is why the box of pistachio is important to prevent oxidation of the product. Pistachio box must have special features including the brand of the product that is printed on the boxes, logo design on the boxes. Product quality control in terms of no toxins and having certificated from the laboratory in the export department should be done.

At the request of customers outside Iran and the sale of domestic products and creating competition, ease of packaging, maintaining the quality of products. The impact of the appearance and attention of the audience, the design of pistachio boxes appropriate and quality to be done. Nuts oxidize when exposed to humid climate and loses its properties and taste to prevent this from happening to export the writings in the language of the destination country. Packed in a bag full of nitrogen and completely depleted of oxygen.

Pistachio and dried fruit packaging

Cardboard box packaging

For easy transport of these small packages, it is necessary to prepare packing in different dimensions in the form of five, ten kilograms and so that they export sector, packaging cartons are in bulk with good resistance, they can deliver the cargo safely to the destination country. Export packaging can be a good advertisement and will attract and attention of consumers in the first place. Boxes and packaging with proper design make marketing easier because printing the brand and contact number by placing the boxes in stores in different cities and being seen can be a good advertisement and will have a great impact on the popularity of your brand and product.

Pistachio and dried fruit packaging

Nut packaging

In the dried fruit sector, due to the problems that have arisen for agricultural products, a significant part of the products have been lost and the price of dried fruits because much higher than in previous years. Packaging also has a direct impact on the price, high price makes packaging better and more economical by creating creative packaging, you can be seen more in the market and different designs with various and beautiful colors can help your brand be seen.

The target market is very important in the packaging of nuts. Some domestic markets are in the packaging of various companies and organizations that five pistachio and nuts to their forces before Noruz, so different types of packaging must be produces and delivered to the customers. In the export of dries fruit, more elegant packaging can have better sales, have more currency, and in this way we will make a great contribution to the economy and exports.

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