packaging symbols

Packaging symbols have become an important part of marketing and product identity. Today you see these symbols on almost every products. Due to increasing in consumer awareness, through the packaging symbol, it convey all the important and necessary information as well as information about products which have been purchased.



Another major reason for widespread use of symbols packaging is that products leading to the global market are on the rise, which means that these signs help us maintain a particular product or mental during shipment. And provides us with the necessary safety tips regarding the content of the package.

Fragile products

This symbol is to indicate that the product inside the package id fragile and should be handled with care.

packaging symbols

Static packaging symbol of the product

The symbol on the packaging means which part of the product should be facing up so that the product inside the box is not damaged, and the symbol is more visible when loading goods.

packaging symbols

Careful shipping packaging symbol

The symbols means that the desired products is transported with caution.

packaging symbols

Packing symbol of product storage conditions.

This symbol is basically found in loading package and its meaning is to keep the package away from rain or wet condition.

شرایط نگهداری محصول

Product temperature packaging symbol

This symbol is usually seen on the package of food or beverages and indicates at what temperature the product should be stored.

packaging symbols

Product quality packaging symbol

This symbol has a Q letter attached to a phone, which means that if you are not satisfied with the product, you can contact the product support department for guidance and troubleshooting.

packaging symbols

Customer satisfaction

It is a symbol of customer satisfaction and is actually the voice of the customer. If the consumer is dissatisfied with the product, he can express his dissatisfaction through this symbol and contact the producer of goods and return the product.

packaging symbols


This symbol indicates an exclamation mark with a triangle and its located the center and is commonly used to warn of allergic.

packaging symbols

Product guide packaging symbol

This symbol means that you can refer to the product manual in the package for more information most product today have this manual and this packaging symbol.

packaging symbols

Product packaging time period marks

This symbol indicates how long the product should be used after the first time it is used. This symbol is mostly used to cosmetics.

packaging symbols

Trash bin

This symbol is often known, and fully acquainted with it, and it means that you throw your trash into a garbage, and most of it seen in the packaging of food, medicine, health products and etc.

packaging symbols

Product recycling

The symbol shows the product is recyclable and reusable, and sometimes it also indicates the product.

محصولات بازیافتی

Separated electrical waste from other waste

The trash can symbol on the cross indicates that the product should not be placed in the public bin. You can see this symbol clearly u=in most of the packaging of electrical products.

سطل زباله

Health apple

The health apple symbol is the symbol of the license made in Iran and the license to enter the domestic markets, this standard is mandatory and must be included on all packaging of cosmetics, medicines, and food equipment. The symbol contains of internal standards.

packaging symbols

The content of the package are not suitable for children.

This symbol is mostly used for children toy boxes, the number on the symbol indicate what age group this toy is suitable for and also indicates that the content of the box are not convenient under 3 years age.

packaging symbols

Product expiration date

This symbol is placed according to the date on the package and shows the expiration date of the produced and the duration of its use.

packaging symbols

Flammable packaging symbol

This symbol is mostly seen on sprays and sunscreens and incendiary substances are highly flammable.

packaging symbols

Freezable packaging symbol

This symbol is used for food products and indicates that food must be frozen.

packaging symbols
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