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Postal carton is one of the thousands of models under the branches of the packaging industry and has long been welcomed by many along with various kinds of carton packaging. The most consumption of these cartons have been in the post offices, and online businesses, and the number of applicants for of this article, we want to introduce you to different kinds of postal cartons.



What is postal carton?

Postal carton is a name made base on fixed and general sizes that the post office used to transport its kraft mailer boxes, which has led online store manager to look for such dimensions to spend products to their customers and this issue has caused this packaging carton to be searched and named after the postal carton.

Mailer boxes sizes

The size of postal boxes wholesales, based on its multiple uses, has made it widely used. Keep in mind that you must first check the general dimensions match the size if your product, otherwise it is recommended to order a carton for your product in proportion to its dimensions (length, width, height).

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Because if you choose dimensions of general sixes for your product and it is not suitable for it, that is if the product is smaller than box, the product will play inside the box, and if the products larger than the product, it either does not fit the box and causes of breaking carton. In both causes, there are many consequences for your product and brand that you should pay attention to that.

Online shop

We suggest that if you, as on online business manager, want to offer specific product or general product to your customers, you want the name, brand or business logo to recognized and seen by customer so notice that customer first recognize your product by packaging of your goods, so not paying attention to it cannot have good result for your brand and sales.

Mailer boxes design

Postage carton printing can be normal, it means printing on carton in a single color or four colors, and laminated cartons without color restrictions and by printing a variety of creative designs on the carton and box covers. In the most common form of postal cartons are brown postal. Notice that color of colored postal boxes can be white or brown and then printed on it.

Price of postal cartons

Calculating price of postal cartons based on white or brown cartons, whether it is 3-layer or 5-layer, choosing the type of printing, specifying the dimensions and the number of copies produced, all these cartons the exact price of the carton to be estimated, seen in the most mailboxes, the weakest carton compositions and the lowest quality prints are uses. If the bidder is unaware of this issue.

Cheap postal carton

If you are looking for cheap postage cartons, it is better to consider the smallest or most convenient dimensions that your product can fit in, and use the weakest combinations used in the production of carton layers, as well as ordinary printing. Consider a monochrome on the carton for your postal carton and in the lowest possible circulation, order any carton manufacturing company to receive the mailbox of your products with the lowest cost. Otherwise, if you do not know all kinds of carton and printing combination, and cost of the carton will not be affordable.

corrugated mailer boxes

Buying postal cartons without printing is the cheapest packaging box. The cost of printing is calculated according to the type of printing and services in the mailbox. Consider printing on postal cartons other than for beauty the box is kind of advertising and in the long run will help in expanding branding. Cartons have different models such as keyboard, outsole, etc which are mostly used in post boxes as four-door cartons.

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AvinPack making carton packing is a registered company in the field of carton making, box making, printing and packaging of various products for domestic and foreign markets. Named by providing the most modern, fastest and highest quality machine in the printing and packaging carton and cardboard industry, it has been able to produce the highest quality postal cartons in Tehran and Karaj.

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