ledger binder carton box

The ledger binder carton box is produced in a huge dimension because the main purpose of producing these cartons is packaging many ledger binders beside each other. since the ledger binders are heavy, the best item for packaging them is using corrugated carton boxes.



The ledger binder carton packaging

The most essential goal of producing ledger binder carton boxes is to store or archive a large number of ledger binders. the ledger binder is a product that is used for storing and archiving important documents. these information and documents are so important and it is necessary to protect them in a principled and precise manner, therefore, the best material for packing them is carton box because of many reasons; first of all, they don’t weigh too much, second, they are affordable, and the third they are made from recyclable material.

The cartons produced for ledger binders are usually made of three-layer carton and five-layer carton packaging; These packs are considered the best option for packaging document archive files due to their high durability and resistance, and most of the box-making companies offer these two boxes for their customers.

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Improving advertising with ledger binder packaging printing

One of the most important elements that will exist in the marketing process is the inclusion of information from the grower and producer about the introduction of product features and ways of communication and re-ordering from them, which will help brand recognition and expand your business. It will help a lot. In the meantime, the ledger minder laminated cardboard box, which is the result of offset printing, has a better appearance and is more durable than non-laminated cardboard. High-quality printing is one of the main parameters that can be seen in laminated packaging, therefore these packs with their elegant and luxurious effect will be an ideal option for both the domestic and foreign markets and exports.

document archive file box

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different models of ledger binder carton box

the ledger binder carton boxes are produced in 3 models that selecting each of them is depend on the customer’s opinion.

  • telescopic boxes
  • handle carton box
  • four door or American carton box

telescopic carton box is the common model for ledger binder carton packaging because it is easy to open and close them. The handle carton box is the other model used for making document archive file box packaging since their transportation is easy too. This type of packaging, as its name suggests, has a handle on the top of the box, making it easy for the audience to move the product. four door or American carton box is the other model which is used.


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