laminated boxes

Laminated boxes are the ideal option for those producers who present fantasy, modern, and luxury goods. laminated boxes and cartons have double beauty compared to simple ones and do better marketing for producers.



What are the laminated boxes?

Laminated boxes are produced and supplied to customers in cardboard and carton boxes (single-face boxes, 3-layer, and 5-layer carton packaging). Customers can elect and choose each one according to the specification of their goods. It is better to know that any type of printing which adds beautiful designs and colors is possible through offset printing. The offset printing + lamination process acts the same as the advertising stand for your products.

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Application and advantages of printing laminated boxes

There are many marketing and competitive advantages to manufacturing laminated boxes. One of the reasons for selecting this type of box is the possibility of customized graphic printing and its durability. You can print anything you want. You can easily integrate logos, graphic design, labels, product information, statistics, and social network ID on the laminate carton packaging. With the special and creative design of the box, you take sure steps in the way of marketing and branding.

comparison between laminated and non-laminated boxes

There are many differences in the production of the laminate box with non-laminates. In such a way, the lamination process takes place in the continuation of offset printing which the considered design and offset printing are applied on a thin layer of cardboard, and then this poster is glued to the carton box with special machines. 

However, non-laminated boxes or carton packaging are the results of flexography printing, without any poster attached to them, and are directly inserted only on the carton box.

comparison of Offset and Flexo printing in boxes

The crucial pros of laminated boxes

buying and ordering laminated carton packaging allows you to highlight your brand and company. maybe ask how? in this type of packaging, customers can utilize printing services the same as cellophane, varnish, goldsmith, and so on to look their boxes well and attractive. in addition, printing services also play a significant role in increasing the strength of the carton packaging.

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Calculating the price of laminated boxes

Calculating the price of the laminated boxes depends on several factors. For instance dimension (length, width, height) and circulation.

Notice that you can save money by ordering laminated boxes in high circulation.

About AVINPACK carton manufacturing factory

AVINPACK carton making in Tehran and Karaj provinces consists of a group of experts in designing and producing all sorts of boxes in the form of cartons and cardboard.

This factory with two decades of activity in the field of packaging and printing, produce the best packaging boxes with high-quality materials and sheets. For carton and cardboard supplies and to order laminate carton boxes, contact us.


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