Saffron packaging is common for most exports of this commodity. Saffron should be packaged in terms of quality and design due to its value and high price.



Packaging of export saffron

Iran is one of the biggest producers of saffron packaging which has 330 tones each year and also has 88 percent of whole shares of saffron in the world. The majority of products are in some cities like Qaenat, Gonabad, etc.

Why saffron should be packed?

If we want to talk about the benefits of saffron, there are so many aspects to tell, but generally, due to the high price of this product, it should be packed.

Some factors such as physical and chemical effects on the aroma of saffron, Factors like the light of the sun, oxygen, and humid places can destroy it and change its advantages.

How to pack saffron for export?

To pack saffron for some international markets, the packs of it should have a variety of features. Any producer for has more benefits from selling saffron, should observe and care about the packing factors mentioned here.

Having standard dimensions

One of the important properties of saffron export packaging is its right dimensions. For some reason you export your products to international markets, you should care all the aspects. It is the same in saffron too because inaccurate weights eliminate the chance of good selling saffron.

Well design packaging

Due to, saffron being one of the International products, the producer should pay more attention to the design of boxes. Using qualified boxes in small weight grams to kilograms make many people willing to pay more for saffron.

Target market analysis

Knowing and having information about a customer’s taste is the way can reach your goals soon.

I mean having data about their cultures and interests is essential. Using delicate export boxes can be increased by proper packaging.

What should we print in our saffron packaging?

Some things such as Expiry date, producing country, ingredients, production date, safety, and health license, etc. are important and useful for people who want to use this product.

Saffron packaging with your brand 

The weakness in the packaging of goods such as saffron is one of the main concerns of producers because the brand is one of the most important factors that cannot be ignored.

Saffron packaging with your specific brand can solve this issue properly so that your business logo is printed on the packaging of saffron, and with other elements, you can experience amazing and develop your brand globally.

What is the common saffron export packaging?

In global marketing, paying attention to the materials is one of the principles which has too much impact on your sales.

Here are some materials that saffron packaging is made of:

Wooden boxes/leather box/plastic containers/cardboard box/glass jars and etc.

Those are common packaging which we can see in International marketing, but the most common one is cardboard boxes for some reasons.

  1. They are light and easy to transport.
  2. Ability to print high
  3. They are more safe and healthy.

Today, the need for packaging in protecting goods is felt because it keeps the product for a longer time and minimizes the waste. Hence, if you are an exporter, you should supply your product with more attractive and diverse packs to the wide global market. The boxes and cartons you see in the early gallery are produced by the Avin Pack carton, designed for various countries, such as Spain and Germany.

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