Shoe packaging

shoe packaging can be produced in a variety of boxes which are flexography and laminated boxes that both are used inside shopping malls and exported.



As you know, feet consider our second heart. Therefore, opting for a suitable and fit shoe will directly impact our body health. How much selecting a pair of shoes is important for you? Packaging is precisely the silent salesman of products on the shelves as they are presenting a visual display of the goods.

Because of that, one of the concerns of producers’ shoes is how to package them to seem attractive and be sold quickly.

What are printing and the sorts of that in shoe packaging?

The most important part of seeing your products and highlighting your brand is related to the printing process. The more printing is legible and high-quality, the more buyers will turn to your products.

Printing packaging is the best way to promote your brand and also provide data about the features of the goods and security measures.

In this process, there are lots of types of printing but the most practical and useable ones are offset and flexo printing.

Shoe packaging with offset printing

This kind of printing is also known as lithography printing. If the beauty of the print is so significant to you, you can utilize this print. Offset has no limitation in colors and you can use every color and design in your package in the end you can have luxury shoe packaging for your valuable products.

In addition, they have more attractive advertising designs and desirable quality. Offset print is printing first on a thin layer the same as cardboard, then this cardboard is glued to the carton by a special machine called laminated cartons. It can be the best shoe packaging for shipping because you can use some beauty elements such as varnish to look better in the audience’s sight.

Pros of offset

-ideal for commercial sales

-variety in colors and designs

Cons of offset

-edits proofing is costly

-required extra setup time

Shoe packaging with flexo

Flexo is not what you would call a new technology but it has many uses in this field. This print is applied directly to the carton which is not possible in offset printing.

This print is mostly used in brown cartons and is cheaper than the previous one.

Advantages of flexo

-less costly than others 

-require low-cost tools and equipment

Disadvantages of flexo

less quality of printing

limitation in variety of colors.

Shoe packing designs

Designs which you use in shoeboxes are so basic and essential since it has countless potential in attracting applicants. In this process, you can use your brand or pictures of a shoe to encourage customers to buy your goods.

A packaging design that adds value to your product, will attract the attention of customers with all the information contained regarding the product.


Designs are divided into 3 categories which you have to pay attention to them. Designs for ladies, men, and children. Remember that choosing colors and designs depends on the interest of each group that we mentioned before.

For instance, in the design of children’s shoe packages, it is better to use shiny and bright colors which stimulated children’s emotions and feelings.

Top shoe companies in the world

Many brands and high-quality brand shoes are: 

 Nike, New Balance, Puma, Fila, Bata, etc.

Which size box fits a shoe packaging?

The best dimension and standard size used in Unites stated is about 12 inches by 10 inches by 10 inches.

size (L*W*H)Recommended usage
8*6*3baby shoes
9*7*4children shoes
12*7*4women shoes
14*8*5men shoes

Features of a suitable shoebox 

1. Having a fit size with the product

2. Optional logo quality for advertising 

3. Have an economic justification according to the type of shoe in which it is placed. For example, if you want to package a pair of shoes which is brand, its box should be so qualified and nice.

4. By the interest of ladies, men, and kids.  

What is the cheapest way to ship shoe cardboard?

Finding the cheapest way to ship or buy these cartons is that you should elect a carton without any special print or design. This type of cardboard has a low price and is completely simple.

Can I store shoes in a cardboard box?

No, you cannot. As the weight of shoes is nearly heavy and the durability of cardboard is not as well as carton boxes, cardboard boxes are not a suitable option for packaging. 

Hardly ever it is used for kids’ shoe boxes. 

Why shoes should be packed? OR why we do not pack them in plastic bags?

Imagine for a few second minutes, you enter a store and see a pair of shoes without a packaging box, in the form of a plastic bag. How will you feel when you face this scene? Would you like to buy that product?

Packaging shoe boxes introduce the goods to the customer and highlights the brand thus resulting in more sales and profits for you.

Luxury shoeboxes

There are different shapes, sizes, and colors of luxury shoeboxes available. These kinds of boxed are more attractive and are mostly used in exports. They are more expensive than others.

Where can I buy a shoebox in Iran?

Avinpack company with more than 10 years of activity in manufacturing and producing boxes and cartons in Karaj and Tehran can help you to have convenient and affordable carton packaging. For more information contact with us with mentioned numbers.

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