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Scarf packaging is one of the most important things to wrap the scarves and sell them. They are produced in many different models such as telescopic boxes, mailboxes, and sliding.

The scarf has been used as fashion and clothing accessories for many years and considers a part of the beauty of women. They are produced and designed with cotton to silk. These days, scarves like decorative jewelry and small handbags are widely used and have beautiful aspects for ladies.

The origin of scarf comes from a French word (Foulat) which means lightweight fabric. Most of the ladies in Islamic countries the same as Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, and so forth are wearing a scarf to maintain their hijab and keep their hair tidy.

History of scarf

Many years ago, scarves were useful and practical for men too and they were wrapping them around their waist and neck to deal with heat. Due to the many functions of a scarf from the past up to now and its importance in Muslim countries, they need stylish and modern packaging to attract customers, become a best seller, and stay in mind.

Packaging is precisely the silent sale man of products as they are presenting a visual display of goods. Because of that, one of the concerns of producers of scarfs is how to package them to look attractive and be sold quickly.

As people are becoming health conscious, they prefer to ship packed goods. The reason is so obvious, due to the chance of adulteration in such products being minimized. With increasing the use of packaging of scarves, the more innovational opportunity becomes available.

Scarf packaging designs

Designs used in scarf boxes are so necessary since it has countless potential in attracting customers. In this process, you can use your brand or pictures of a scarf to encourage people to buy your goods.


 The more senses we engage in a design, the better it communicates with clients. A packaging design that added value to your brand, will attract the attention of customers with all the information contained regarding the product.

The design of packaging helps create products differently. Color and the design of the package make differences in the perception of buyers about the quality of a product. Stunning and modern designs of packaging add value to your product and will attract the attention of customers with all data contained regarding the product.

Try to utilize colors that are following the interest of ladies, for instance, use happy and light colors that express the elegance of women.

Types of scarf packaging

Goods and products can be packed in a variety of cardboard and carton boxes. Lightweight, the importance of beauty, and the quality of printing in such boxes, cause cardboard boxes to mostly make with cardboard. Due to the use of scarves for ladies and their sensitivity in shopping, they would like to receive them in a special cardboard package instead of obtaining them in plastic bags.

What are printing and sort of them in a scarf box?

Printing packaging is the best way to improve and promote your brand and also provide data about the features of the goods and security measures. The most important and practical part of seeing your product and highlighting your brand is related to the printing process.

The more printing is legible and high–quality, the more buyers will turn to your product. In this process, there are lots of types of printing but because of type of scarf boxes are in the form of cardboard, offset printing is recommended and used.

scarf box with offset printing

It is called offset as the ink is not transferred directly to the paper. Offset is also known as lithography printing. If the beauty of the print is so significant to you, use this print because it has no limitation in colors and you can use every color and design in the package.

In addition, they have more attractive advertising designs and desirable quality. Offset is printing first on a thin layer the same as cardboard, then this cardboard is glued to the carton by a special machine called laminated carton.

Features of a suitable scarf packaging

  • Optional logo quality for advertising
  • By the inters of ladies
  • Having a suitable size for the product

Have an economic justification according to the type of scarf in which it is placed

Why scarves should be packed? Why we do not pack them in plastic bags?

Imagine for a few second minutes, you enter a shop and see a scarf without packaging, in the form of plastic bags. How will you feel when you face this scene? Would you like to buy that good?

Packaging scarf boxes introduce the goods to the customers and highlight the brand thus resulting in more sales and profits for you.

Is it ok to gift a scarf?

Gifting a scarf to your friend represents a sign of respect to her and means you appreciate your friendship.

Is a scarf a romantic present?

Women love beautiful and high-qualified scarves which make them so glad. Scarves are a global sensation that has been made popular by musicians.

Top scarf brands in the world

Haute, sugar scarf, Aab, Gucci, and Naelofar.

Scarf packed the idea for export

Exporting goods or products is one of the most important ways for any country. One of the reasons for successful export is to pay attention to the interest and culture of the target country. For instance, to export goods to Iraq, it is better to use light and happy colors such as red, green, and so on, or about exporting to Morocco, white, black, and blue are the best options to use in packaging.  


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