Exported egg cartons

Exported egg cartons are more commonly used so that esteemed poultry can print your poultry brand. In some cases, non-print cartons are used in eggs. If the resistance and endurance of the carton and its compounds are important to you then join us until the end.



How can we pack eggs better?

Exported egg cartons can be both in one row and as shown above. High egg cartons have been sent to Iraq. Egg cartons can be both a carton (brown) and can be white. Cartoon printing can cover up to 3 main colors and depends on the lamination or the usual packaging process.

Creative packaging for eggs

Exported egg cartons have a variety of shapes of packaging. Eggs are one of the most consumed food packaging in all countries and have very high food. Therefore, many countries are valuable to create creative packaging for this product. In our country, colored eggs are called formal chickens and white eggs.

Poultry farms can consider your brand and collection as quickly as possible to brand and supply their product to consume with the first glance of the product packaging and if you have previous consent, without delay your product. It buys and this covers the advertising aspect and has enhanced sales policy.

egg carton boxes

Customized Egg Package

Some producers export eggs to other countries. In exported egg cartons, most manufacturers make single-row and two-row packages for egg export. Resistant to new models and samples manufactured to be considered in foreign markets and welcome customers.

These packages are placed in mother cartons and then supply. In custom packages, the customer’s design and brand are carved on the egg pack. This custom printing requires stereotypes, but this stereotype is only for the first order and in subsequent products, you do not need to be delivered to custom egg cartons between ten days and two weeks.

Egg carton

Egg cartons are offered in four types three layers and five layers, the choice of multilayer cartons depends on the weight of the product we put in the packs.
For weights below 7 kg, three-layer cartons are usually used, and for weights above five-layer cartons. For packing eggs, white and brown cartons are used to choose each of these cartons depending on the customer’s taste.

The layers used in the three-layer and five-layer cartons have different types, the most widely used being craft, testing, and Iranian. To produce egg cartons, the use of each of these sheets depends on the weight of the product, as weaker sheets are less expensive than solid sheets and the customer sometimes prefers to produce a lower price, for example. The craft sheet has good strength and strength but is more expensive than the rest of the sheets.

Why pack eggs?!

Some egg manufacturers do not care about their product packaging and only intend to sell and recognize their brand, but some manufacturers and sellers put their products in the right packaging with a little more cost. People apply their brand and logo on packs so that they can be known and attract customers in the long run, and of course, people will find the egg packaging that the manufacturer values. It has been packing the product in the best way, so they buy this brand.

About the Avinpack packaging industry

If you are looking for eggs for a particular market and want to order the best packaging at the most reasonable price, you can connect with the Carton making, boxing, printing, and packaging experts through the contact page

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