Food packaging

Food packaging with the high need for food in today’s society. Packaging production is also increasing. Having food packaging is something that can not be ignored in any way packaging is important in making your products.



Why packaging?

The high identifies the face of your product because the buyer has the power to identify the product through the product pack and also conveys the message of the food manufacturer to the customer that these messages such as the price of the product, its weight, ingredients of goods, and so on are included.


Packaging company

Today, with the increase in population as a result of mass production in the field of food, business industries, and printing and packaging factories have flourished, which have been established to meet the needs of different communities.

This type of factory is active in packaging production. Every company that wants to be a brand and export a large part of its products must be strong in this field. Now, or mention the above, we come to the understanding of what a manufacturer who owns a packaging company needs to do to improve.

Advantages of food packaging

Consider easier and longer storage: You have bought food that is stored in bulk. This product has less capability compared to packages goods because the openness of the food accelerates the process of spoilage. Easy transport of the packaging pack gives the overall advantage that the press using the product can easily carry it with them wherever they want. Like the travel food packs seen on airplanes.


Increase the safety and hygiene of products: When you are looking to buy the desired food in stores and markets, your attention is drawn to the healthiest packaging because health determines the nutritional value.

Staying away from dust in the air, keeping the food completely packed, preventing the product from spoiling, as well as subsequent poisoning all, depend on good packaging.

Types of food packaging

In the existing markets, there are different types, including glass, metal, cardboard and carton packaging, etc. Well, all know that in the condition of the planet, the production of plastic is a kind of damage to ourselves.

This has been going on in other developed countries for many years, and countries groups of people have welcomed and will welcome it.

Design of food packaging

Food is one of the basic human needs for which there is no substitute and it can not be eliminated. Suppose you are looking for good items in a store where you can find a variety of examples on the shelves.

The first thing that makes you choose a product and raise your hand and put it in your shopping cart, is a design that conveys a sense of pleasure to you and you subconsciously move towards choosing it, having beautiful designs from the image of the material.

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The food on the cover, as well as the fancy nature, change the buyer’s view of your pack.

Frequently Asked Question

How does the role of food packaging play in the hygiene of goods? The packaging prevents the product from rotting. Poisoning and also dust setting on it, and developing on the needs of the product, it is important to be packed.

What is the best type of food packaging? Today, give the conditions on Earth, it is better to use cardboard and carton packaging based on paper to help the next generation.

What are the benefits of food packaging? Easy and longer storage as well as the possibility of transporting are the advantages of food packaging.

Avin pack carton company

In two decade of its activity, AvinPack Printing and Packaging Industries has been able to produce several samples of carton and cardboard packages for various domestic and export products in the highest quality and has collected samples from each of them for display to the public in an environment. So that applicants can visit the hall to put works.

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