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colors and effect on product packaging and branding: one of the tools that packaging designers use to attract the attention of customers is the use of colors in the packaging of products. Therefore, using different colors in packaging plays an important part in increasing sales and customer satisfaction with the selection and purchase of goods.



Harmony of colors

colors and effect on product packaging and branding: Harmony colors that create a positive feeling and consumer satisfaction in packaging design are called harmony. According to the advice of the greats of the packaging industry, creating a positive in the appearance of product packaging in addition to adding value to your product, also increase the sales efficiency of the product.

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For example, brown may evoke natural and warm feelings in the consumer when using wood materials in interior design, while the same color may, in another device such as a coat, evoke feelings such as chic beauty in the consumer. So, it is possible to use different colors faced with a different answer, it is recommended that you choose one type of product (such as wood product or clothing) and check it for all colors. The subject of color and its effect on the need and the character of packaging, in general, is a category that fortunately in recent years has shown its importance in attracting customers and selling products.

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The main colors and their role in packaging color

Primary colors are three that can be combined with all other colors, the main colors included red, yellow, and blue. According to the basics of colors, the color cycle or circle is divided into warm and cold colors. Red and yellow are warm colors, but blue is one of the cool colors. From the combination of the two main colors yellow and blue, green is created, as well as from the combination of red and blue, purple.

The colors each convey their own message and charm, which can be used or combined depending on the need. You also need to think about the exact relationship between the product and the type of sale. In many cases, in addition to familiarity with artistic techniques and knowledge of color psychology, the designer must also be aware of the properties of the protective materials used in the manufacture of packaging.

Each material and product requires its own color and the designer must choose the color with sufficient knowledge and information to choose the right color for the packaging of his product. Packaging design is one of the most important sub-fields of advertising art. The export of goods depends more on the design and good color of the packaging and the buyers linking than on the quality of the product.

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10 colors that increase sales

In the text below, I will mention to colors that increase sales and attract consumer attention to packaging design.


Red is the color that indicates power. The use of this color in the packaging attracts customer attention and is engraved on their minds.


When you want your product and packagi9ng to look reliable or you need a natural color to design, use it for your packaging. For best results, mix blue with a variety of other colors.


This color is quite an attraction for packaging and attracts attention. Especially for women who, seeing this color in the packaging of their desired product, will completely remember it.


Yellow is known as a power color and at the same time using this color has a high risk, because to combining it with other colors, and also according to the identity of the products, care must be taken in choosing it when you use this color in packaging, you attract the attention of your audience and reassure them that you are confident in your ability to produce and designs packaging.


Green is a varied warm color and makes customers feel satisfied. Second, it reflects your health, environment, and goodwill. Finally, do not miss the use of green in the packaging of your products.


Purple is a patent and stable color, which is used in the packaging of your product to give create it your product.


Gold is also delicate and authentic, it is produced colors that symbolize wealth and genealogy.


This color is the color of energy and choosing this color in the packaging creates a sense of confidence in the choice.


Brown in a soothing color that you choose to pack your product, will induce a sense of comfort and relaxation in your customers.

Black Black is a very diverse color. Thus color can be modern or traditional, exciting and relaxing, and the use of black in packaging can be used as a contrasting color.

In this article, we have recommended a corner of the use of color in the production of packaging, and in the future, we will try to publish more such content in the Avin Pack blog. You can always subscribe to our newsletter at the bottom of the site to be informed of the latest content published in the field of printing and packaging in your email.

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