Home appliance packaging

Home appliance packaging has a very high output and is very demanding of high-quality packaging. In durable and heavyweight consumer goods such as home appliances, the emphasis on the protective aspects of the product is very valuable.

Appliances are electrical or mechanical equipment that does some household chores such as cooking, cleaning, food storage, sports, and so on. Home appliances are large and small devices that are usually found in each part of the home.

Because home implements are essential in our life and are expensive, their packaging is necessary to keep them qualified.

What are the sorts of home appliance packaging? 

These implements can pack in cartons and cardboard boxes according to their weight and size. For packaging small instruments the same as iron, blender, meat grinder, and so on, the ideal boxes are cardboard ones, and about the high weight devices such as refrigerators, washing machines, Tv, and other cartons boxes are used. 

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The printing process for home appliance packaging 

As we told you in the previous articles, one of the parameters that can be considered by people is printing. The beauty and the quality of the packaging are not only aesthetic but also have a practical state that leads to the transfer of visual and written data to the customers or buyers. 

In this process, so many types of printing are used but the most functional is Offset and Flexo. 

Home appliances with offset printing

Offset printing is called lithography, too. If you want to offer luxury and beautiful packaging to customers, this type of print is here to help you. Offset has no limitation in colors and you can use each color and design in your box.


Also, it has more attractive and good-looking advertising designs and desirable quality. Offset print is printed first on a thin layer like cardboard, then this poster is glued to the carton by a special machine called laminated cartons.

Advantages of offset printing

  • Beauty aspects for the product in the box.
  • Variety in colors and designs.
  • Ideal for commercial sales.
  • Highlight brand

Home appliances packaging with Flexo

This kind of print is applied directly in the carton which is not possible in Offset printing. If you had to pay attention to brown cartons, you can see Flexo print. Flexo is cheaper than Offset and also has limitations in using colors. ( four main colors are black, yellow, red, and blue). So, these cartons cannot attract people the same as the previous one.

Pros of Flexo

  • Less costing than offset.
  • Require low-cost tools or equipment.
  • Reduce printing waste.

Notice: packaging of large and high dimensions home appliances are packed in flexo cartons since it is the most cost-effective way.

After-printing services

After-printing services are a set of services performed on the surface of the different sorts of cardboard packaging. On the other hand, these services make the box seems durable and attracts a large number of people. 

Services such as cellophane, goldsmith, varnish, Uv, and others can be applied in cardboard boxes and laminated ones which makes your packaging nice.

Designs of the home appliances 

The sale of the product does not depend only on the quality of the product, but the most important step for selling the product is the design of the box that can encourage people to buy stunning and modern packaging.  

The human being’s mind is designed to filter and remember good things. If you, as the manufacturer can attract the attention of the viewers to your product, you can achieve great success. Design can add value to your brand and highlight it. 

Feature of a suitable home appliances boxes

  • Durable and sturdy.
  • Optional logo quality for advertising
  • Having suitable size for the goods.
  •  Have an economic justification according to the type of product in which it is placed.

Top home appliances brands in the world 

 Some of the famous brands in home implements are BoschSamsungT-FalLG, and Unique. And so on. 

Ideal home appliances for export

Exporting goods or products is one of the most important ways of earning an income in any country in the world. One of the reasons for successful export is to pay attention to the interest and culture of the target country. 

For instance, to export products to Morocco, it is better to use white and black colors, or to export to Ukraine, blue and yellow are nice selections. 

Benefits of the packaging home implements packages 

  • Promoting the brand
  • Attracting customers
  • Maintain the quality of the product
  • Staying in people’s mind
  • Selling well

Luxury home appliance boxes 

If you are a producer and want to make your packaging luxurious, cardboard boxes are the best options. As in these, the printing process is done well, and as result, you can utilize every design and color in your box. 

Factors that are affecting the cost of home appliances boxes

Kind of box, print, type of device, material which is used in packaging, cost of the sheet, utilizing after-printing serviced, and….

What is the cheapest way to ship box implements?

Opting for the low-cost way to buy these cartons is that you should select a pack without any special design or print, it is mean that completely simple.

Where can I buy cartons and cardboard boxes in IRAN?

Avinpack company with more than 10 years of activity in manufacturing and producing boxes and cartons in Karaj and Tehran can help you to have convenient and affordable carton packaging. For more information contact us with mentioned numbers or chat with us.

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