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Design and production of tea packaging in Iran ins a one of the best teas produced in the world and is an old and popular drink of various people types f tea such as white, green, oolong, red, powder, yellow, flower, etc. which are mostly cultivated in northern Iran and due to proper processing and storage in good conditions and having the right amount of addition and natural flavors to enough, more people are willing to use Iranian tea.



The role of packaging in sales

Design and production of tea packaging play significant role. The packaging is visible to the customer at first glance because all the tea boxes are completely safe and the tea itself will be seen after opening the box, so we can safely sat that the packaging and design on the box is the first and most important factor for the first purchase and for the next times, the customer is looking for the previous brand that he has consumed and the quality of the product is in the customers second purchase, production of packaging for you.

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Tea is an expensive product that people may not have to spend a lot of money to buy in a month, and this has led tea producers to think of half-kilo, one-kilo or one an half-kilo packages at a reasonable price to buy them all of people in one society. Tea bag tea is also commonly found in all homes and companies for easy brewing and faster pre4paration, we also see packs of 20, 25 to 50 in stores.

tea packages

Tea packaging design

The color and design on the box can attract the customer more than anything else. for example, in the image below, the use of happy and warm colors can bring a good feeling of a hit drink in the cold of winter in the human mind.

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boxes of 500 grams, one kilogram, one and half kilograms in the form of card board boxes made of gray card board or inderboard with offset printing and appropriate design such as images of tea and tea farm, and in some case printing the name, brand and in gold, stylish and suitable design for small tea packages.

tea packs


The culture of drinking tea at parties has been around for many years and still has u=its place. Iranian tea is exported t countries such as the Republic of Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Germany, etc.

In the Iranian tea production sector, supporting farmers and tea processing factories and having up-to-date and new equipment can be a great help to expand and tea industry and increase tea exports, and thus increase jobs and currency.

to prevent the tea from oxidizing, the fermentation process must be performed, which takes place in the tea factory. After all the stages of tea production , we will now offer it in market, as we see in the stores. There are many famous brands and old names on the shelves and people usually go to the same tea boxes on time.

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