exported goods to Dubai

The exported goods to Dubai are one of the top five export destinations of Iranian goods and trade with this country has been and continues to be highly attractive for Iranian merchants and farmers.



Before anything else, it might be better to answer a question that may have crossed your mind. Why is the name Dubai heard the most among the different regions of the UAE? Perhaps this city is more familiar to many people in our country and other parts of the world than the UAE itself. Therefore, when we talk about exporting to UAE, we mean Dubai more than anything else. Of course, exporting to Dubai does not conflict with the distribution and sale of products in other regions of the UAE.

In the following, we will tell you about the export capacity, the list of export goods, and their packaging method.

Export capacities to Dubai

Dubai has about a third of the population of 10 million people in the UAE. In addition to the population living in this city, this area is a tourist destination for a significant number of people from all over the world every year.

For example, in 2019 before the coronavirus epidemic (Covid_19), this city hosted 16 million tourists, and although the number of visitors to Dubai decreased by about a third during the period of the coronavirus outbreak, with the gradual improvement of conditions and the reduction of corona restrictions, the tourism statistics of this region also witness a growing trend.

UAE, this small country on the shores of the Persian Gulf, was able to import 235 billion dollars and export 248 billion dollars in 2019, thanks to the benefit of appropriate and up-to-date infrastructures such as a developed air fleet and well-equipped ports.

One of the most important points about UAE business is the issue of “Re-exportation”. Re-export means that a country without making any changes in the goods it has imported exports them to another country and earns a profit with the help of this method of intermediation.

Dubai, which is known as the re-export center of the Middle East, has managed to make a lot of profit in this way.

Lists of Exported goods to Dubai

in the following, we will tell you about the list of products sent to the UAE. meanwhile apart from things like petrochemical products and minerals, the main goods that are exported from, our country to the UAE or have the ability to be exported to Dubai include the following. here is the list of goods exporting to Dubai.

  1. Fruits, vegetables, and crops
  2. Nuts and dried fruits
  3. Accessories and pieces of jewelry
  4. Handicrafts
  5. Glass and crystal
  6. Carpet
  7. Cement and bricks
  8. Saffron and other spice
  9. Caviar and fish
  10. Natural honey

Notice about exported goods packaging to Dubai

Of course, there is a very important point in the field of exporting this type of product to the UAE, and that is, in addition to transporting cargo in refrigerator containers, it is necessary to speed up the process of delivering the cargo and cleaning it in the ports of the UAE and deliver the cargo to the customers without delay because due to the high temperature of this area, if the mentioned condition is not met, the exporter’s products may be damaged and the customer might refuse to buy it. in exported packaging, it is better to use cartons without offset printing because of so many reasons:

  • there are more attractive than the simple ones.
  • more durability and strong
  • make your packaging sounds good looking
  • high-lighting your brand
  • attract customers

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also, you can apply all types of after0printing services for your packaging to attract people.

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Packaging and selling exported goods to Dubai

there is no doubt that in the case of the large and international market of Dubai, where powerful manufacturers and brands from all over the world are present, the need to maintain high quality is obvious and needs to explanation. but in terms of creating competitiveness and increasing sales and branding in a market like Dubai, there is a very key issue that is important if we say it plays a significant role than quality, and that is the issue of packaging.

Even if you have never been to UAE stores and shopping centers, with a simple search on the Internet and seeing pictures and videos taken from inside these stores, you can clearly understand the high level of packaging and supply of goods. good packaging should be aesthetically pleasing, distinctive, and prominent. also it should be able to protect the product inside from external damage so that it reaches the customers safely.

We have raised the necessary points regarding the necessity of the distinctive appearance of the packaging of the export goods destined for the UAE, but regarding the ability of the packaging to preserve and maintain the goods and prevent them from being damaged, sufficient attention should be paid; Because if it is damaged during the transportation of the cargo and the delivery of the goods, it is natural that the customer will not accept it and the owner of the cargo will suffer a great loss.

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