Faucets box packaging

Faucets box packaging is produced in the form of 3-layer and 5-layer carton boxes because of their weight. production of faucets box packaging is the best item to protect these goods and also advertising aspects.



Design of faucets carton box

kitchen, bathroom, and sink faucets have an important role in our life and is essential to put them in a strong and durable pack because they might be damaged during transportation. Faucet box packaging is designed and produced with Offset and Flexography printing. faucets have a basic and necessary role in everybody’s life and are made of exposed metal and steel. these goods control the flow of liquid, especially water from the pipe. faucets are installed in places such as the kitchen, bathroom, and toilet. when buying them, you should be careful about what type of faucets you are going to buy and also what type of packaging is used in it since the material of the packaging reflects the quality of the inner product. shower faucets or shower trim is another kind of faucet installed in the bathroom, its carton box is produced according to its size and dimension.

Faucet carton packaging is designed and produced with a variety of layered cartons, such as single face boxesthree-layer cartons, and five-layer cartons. the choice of each of the mentioned cartons depends on the weight and dimension of the faucets.

Notice: offset printing and its process

faucets cardboard packaging

Different types of faucets carton packaging

As you know, faucets are produced in different shapes (large, medium, and small) therefore, their carton pack should be suitable and fit with their size. in the AVINPACK carton manufacturing factory, different models of boxes are produced and each of which has its beauty and function. for example, tab-locking, sliding, telescopic, bottom lock, American cardboard boxes, and so on but the most common model for faucets box packaging is locking tab (tab-locking) cardboard boxes. This packaging model has two tabs that are placed on the surrounding edges, and to open and close them, you have to insert or remove these tabs inside the part that is designed on it. tab-locking faucets carton boxes are used more than other models due to their unique model and easy transportation.

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How is the price of faucets box packaging calculated

Usually, 5-20% of the total cost of a product is related to its packaging, which depends on the cost paid by the manufacturer. Determining how to calculate the price of the faucets carton box depends on the type of carton sheet, its material and composition, the circulation, and the type of printing. remember that the more orders you make, the price will be cheap.


AVIN PACK carton making factory, is trying to provide the best carton and cardboard packs to you. if you need faucets box packaging (faucets carton packaging), you can contact us with following phone number.

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