Tab-locking boxes

Tab-locking boxes are one of the most practical and common models in the packaging industry which is useful for different types of products. Tab-locking boxes are designed and provided to customers in cardboard, carton, and laminated carton boxes.



Tab-locking boxes with carton packaging

As carton boxes have relatively high strength and resistance, they are often used for packaging products with high weight and dimensions. Its types included 2-layer carton boxes, 3-ply, 4-layer, 5-layer, and 7-ply layer carton packaging which the most usable of them are 2-layer and 3-ply carton boxes.

Tab-locking packaging with cardboard

Unlike carton boxes which are made of several layers, cardboard packaging just has one layer of cardboard in their  structures therefore, it is an ideal option for packaging products that have less weight and small size. These packs attract the attention of every viewer with their beauty.

Tab locking boxes are designed and produced with types of cardboard such as ivory cardboard, gray back, and Kraft paper.  

Lamination in tab-locking boxes

custom tuck cardboard

Lamination in packaging boxes is a process that is printing first applied on a thin layer of cardboard (poster) and then this poster is glued to the carton box sheet by automatic machines. Laminated packaging with its beautiful appearance and color variety has the advantage of providing the basis for the improvement of our brand.

The printing process in tab-locking boxes

It is essential to know that good printing on packaging can increase your sale in today’s competitive market because, at first view, printing attract people’s attention. 

Sorts of printing in tab-locking boxes

There are different types of printing that are used in the construction and design of the tab locking boxes and the most used of them are Offset and Flexography printing. In some cases, silk printing ( screen) is also used.

In the carton boxes, Flexography is applied and in the cardboard and laminated boxes, Offset is used.

Notice: if using laminate carton boxes, in addition to the beauty and durability of the boxes, you can apply sorts of printing services.

Learn more: what are after-printing services?

Features of a tab-locking packaging

This model of carton box has two tabs that are placed on the surrounding edges. To open and close them, you should insert or remove these tabs inside the part that is designed on it. Tab-locking carton packaging is used more than other models due to its unique model.

How does a tab-locking carton affect sales? 

These boxes are attractive, durable, and resistant that are prepared and produced for packaging your products. Using this kind of box will supply a situation for advertising brand and logo and also permanence in the mind of the audiences.  

Benefits of use

  1.  Increase Sales
  2. Supply beauty aspect for box
  3. Easy transportation
  4. Brand prominence

Where can I get tab-locking boxes in Iran?

AVINPACK company with more than 10 years of activity in carton manufacturing in Tehran and Karaj, is one of the leading and dynamic companies in the field of printing and packaging. For more information, contact us. 

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