Cardboard sleeves

cardboard sleeve: there are so many cardboard sleeves that are used for packaging products. these packaging sleeves cover the surrounding part of the pack and somehow protect them.



What are the packaging sleeves?

Some foodstuffs can not be packed directly in a cardboard box due to their moisture, oil, and sweetness and must be placed in plastic or glass dishes. since plastic dishes can’t be printed for advertising aspects, the only way to show the information on the product to the customer is to use cardboard sleeve. unlike the packaging boxes, the sleeves don’t cover the whole product, just wrap around the goods.

This feature of cardboard sleeves makes the product visible to the audience and they can see the product and its quality inside the pack. the cardboard sleeves are produced in different dimensions and customers can select each one according to their considered size.

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What kind of cardboard is used for cardboard sleeve?

Cardboard is one of the most usable materials which is used for packaging many products. per kind of cardboard is used to pack a specific product. these are a lot of cardboard such as ivory board paper, glossy. gray back and so on which each of which has its characteristics. ivory board paper which has a white and hygienic appearance is the best item for packaging foodstuffs rather than gray back paper.

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Uses of cardboard packaging sleeves

  • packaging of food stuffs for restaurants
  • packs of all kind of meat and protein products
  • wrapping some kind of clothes such as socks, scarves, and etc.
  • casing many dishes and kitchen appliances the same as forks and spoons.
packaging sleeves

Printing process on the cardboard sleeves

Printing on cardboard packaging sleeves is one of the most important elements of branding in the world of packaging. these days, manufacturers have become more alter than in the past and are aware of the benefits and positive effects of printing on their packaging. due to the cardboard material of these cardboard sleeves, the offset is the only printing that is applied to them. By using offset printing, you can have a high-qualified image anytime. in addition to this, you can use printing services to introduce your luxury packs to the market.

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Are these cardboard sleeve packaging hygienic?

yes. these types of packaging are completely hygienic because they are produced from the best and highest quality of cardboard and do not pros any risk to the health of foods. As a result, consumers’ health will not be endangered.

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