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Avin pack Packaging

toy packaging

Toy box carton

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Toy box carton is one of the most common types of packaging for toys. You can see different types of toys in the market that are seen in different sizes, and for all these products, cardboard and carton boxes are usually used. Toy…
aseptic packaging

Aseptic carton

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Aseptic carton is another modern man-made packaging that is used for most foods and snacks to extend their shelf life. In this article we try to acquaint you with aseptic carton and its features and applications, and it will certainly be…
die cut machine

Die cut machine

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Die cut machine is used in carton making for mass production of cuts die cut means cutting cardboard, various type of metal sheets, leather and cardboard. The die cut machine actually made it possible for mass production of packaging to be…
Product packaging design and branding

Product packaging design and branding

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Product packaging design and branding in order to reach the market must be in their own packaging. Therefore, the packaging industry contributes a lot to the marketing and safe of goods. Modern packaging Product packaging design and…

Date packaging

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Date packaging in Iran is usually offered with a repetitive and well-known model, although if you search the Internet, you will find that not only date packaging but also the packaging design of all products has changed a lot and compared to…
nuts packaging cartons

Nuts packaging

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Nuts packaging can be produces in many different forms and with different capacities. for example, with a little creativity in designing a beautiful and reliable handle made of carton body, which can also play the role of door lock. Undoubtedly,…
calculating cardboard sheets

Calculating price of cardboard sheets

Calculating price of cardboard sheets is done through a process and taking into account the factors that we will explain in the following. Cardboard boxes with many fans that have found among manufacturers, are a good option for product packages…
moving cartons

Moving cartons

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Moving carton are used for home and office use, moving is a that every person has encountered at least once in his life, fragile items such as crystal and porcelain are always at risk when moving, and you should be in a carton that will nor…