die cut machine

Die cut machine is used in carton making for mass production of cuts die cut means cutting cardboard, various type of metal sheets, leather and cardboard. The die cut machine actually made it possible for mass production of packaging to be cut into boxes and cartons of stencils, scissors or cutters in a completely professional way.

What is die cut?

A different definition of a die-cutting machine means using a mold for cutting paper. Cardboard and carton, which in addition to cutting, die-cutting also has functions such as line and fild.

The first die-casting process tool place in the late eighteenth century to produce shoes, and later the good feed back on the quality and regular appearance of the cut and line was used in the printing and packaging industries.


Die cut is very important in the packaging industry because this machine saves time and the shape and dimensions of the cut carton are completely professional and uniform, which makes the product better displayed inside the package.

Types of die-cut machines

Jaw-die cut

This device acts like jaws when shaving and cutting cardboard and carton which is called jaw-die cut. One of the most practical and different examples of jaw die is that it is also used for cutting paper, cardboard, carton and low-strength leather. In the process of cutting the carton in the jaw-die cut, it is such that the desired mold is installed on the machine and is formed and cut by applying pressure. The mold of such as device is flat.

Rotary die-cut

The reason for naming the rotary die cut is due to the special shape and form of its world, which, unlike other die molds that are flat, there molds are made in a cylindrical shape.

The general name to this machine is flexo and it has three parts, which are applied in the last part (rotary) by or rotary cutting, line and up molds. One of the advantages of this machine is the possibility of printing, which is done by the desired color cylinder and design after cutting and line and folding on it.

Ping-pong die cut

This machine is like a ping-pong table that requires two manpower on either side of it, hence the name ping-pong. The operation of this machine is such that the desired mold is placed on the straps that are attached to the roller and people place the cardboard sheets on the mold.

The mold is moved by the straps attached to the roller and is pressed in the middle of the machine and the cut and line and fold are applied on it. This pressure is regulated by levers mounted on the top of the machine. One of the advantages a ping-pong machine is it’s two-way cutting capability.


All three devices have good capabilities, but there are some differences. For example, in a ping-pong machine, two manpower is needed, while in a jaw machine, one man power is enough. The risk of a ping-pong machine is much lower because the person is farther away from the pressure of the machine.

All of the above are not signs of superiority over each other because each is used for its own purpose. In general, a machine that can print and simultaneously cut, line and fold is a rotary machine that normally cuts about 2000-5000 cartons and sheets per hour.

In today’s world, we all see the development of all industries, one of which is packaging. The economy of the society is tied in this industry, because if each country is in the path of global development according to the needs of its society, by using the latest machines in the world packaging industry, it can increase the level of sales of a country in both domestic and global market. record a satisfactory trend.

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