aseptic packaging

Aseptic carton is another modern man-made packaging that is used for most foods and snacks to extend their shelf life.

In this article we try to acquaint you with aseptic carton and its features and applications, and it will certainly be useful content that is recommended for you to join us.

Aseptic carton

First of all, you need to know what aseptic carton means?

The original term aseptic means to disinfected or sterilize and is commonly used for products such as food, foodstuffs and perishables many products,, such as milk or beverages, spoil when expected to direct sunlight, and the only way to keep them is to disinfect or sterilize them to prevent spoilage.


The material of aseptic carton is such that several layers are used to produce it. Cardboard, plastic, aluminum and polyethylene layers are its constituent materials. So if you cut aseptic packaging, you can clearly see these layers.

The presence of such nested layers that are glued together by glue and heat can increase the use if such cartons. Aseptic cartridges are used for products that are at risk of premature spoilage, such as milk, cheese, juice and other dairy and food products, so that they can be kept fresh for layers.

Note that each of the layers that make up aseptic carton is functional. For example, the cardboard surface of these package is used for the strength and stability of their appearance, or the aluminum layer, which is the middle layers, is embedded to prevent the penetration of moisture and oxygen.


One of the prominent features of these packages is the physical protection of the material. as you all know, The main role of packaging is to protect the goods that are placed inside.

Items that are placed in aseptic cartons are usually part of dairy products, so physical protection is one of the most important items.

Foods are very sensitive to light and heat decompose with the slightest heat, so aseptic cartons are suitable because the aluminum and polyethylene used in them greatly reduce the damaging effects of light and heat. It also preserves the nutritional value of food by not changing the color and texture.

Another point that gets special attention is the beauty of the packaging. AS long as you produce quality products, you can not expect great sales unless you have the right and attractive packaging to offer them. For example, aseptic cartons look much more modern and beautiful compared to plastic milk packs, which also have a significant impact on sales.

Do you think in what industries aseptic cartons are most used?

Such packaging can not be limited to the food or beverage industry alone. In general, it can be claimed that aseptic packaging can be used for perishable products. However, most use of aseptic cartons in products such as milk, yogurt, cheese, butter, juice and the like.


The food industry is one of the most important and vital industries in the world, which can be boldly said to the most important industry that deals directly with the lines and health of the people.

For this reason, observance of hygiene form its production cycle to package and reaching the customer must be done without any negligence and shortness and must be offered with the highest quality and nutritional value. Therefore, one of the measures they are taking now for these cases in quality products of aseptic cartons.

Avin pack cartoning in order to maintain the health of customers in its production of hygienic food packaging has a good record in its record. You can refer to our portfolio section to see more products and to register your order according to the type of your product.

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