Product packaging design and branding

Product packaging design and branding in order to reach the market must be in their own packaging. Therefore, the packaging industry contributes a lot to the marketing and safe of goods.

Modern packaging

Product packaging design and branding of a stylish box can have effects on the customer that no human advertising can do. A fabulous package catches the eye, whispers the message in the audience’s ears and creates a good feeling.


Note that the element that draws a customer to the product and convinces him to buy it, is the attractive packaging of the product. You have probably come to the conclusion that a particular product or box sells more than just a simple box.

branding packaging

He is looking for attractive and creative packaging because duplicate design make few people happy today. For example, there are a number of tips that will make your packaging look more attractive.

  1. Combining packaging with a product: One of the things that can be done to convey a better feeling is to combine the product with the packaging, for example, consider a shoe box whose straps have been used to make the box more attractive.
  2. Innovative: Innovative and its association with art is a topic that attracts more attention. Try not to market your product with repetitive and conventional packs on a daily basis water s always sold in plastic bottles, but a tasteful manufacturer has sold it in cardboard boxes. This is a model of new packaging that certainly attract a lot of attention.
  3. Bold coloring: Do not be cautious in choosing your color spectrum. Use attractive colors that complement each other and achieve the right color combination by considering color harmony. But happy happy and warm colors are ,ore effective.

Product Identity

What is the meaning of product identity? What does the product brand represent?

A brand is a name and address that can be related to a company’s products and goods, and the band’s fame reaches such level that when hearing the brand, the identity and quality of the product come to the customer’s eyes.


Prerequisite for having a famous brand is first of all quality of the product that the customer, after using it once, is still looking to buy the same brand, and this cycle can be implemented when advertising and marketing are on the program.

creative cartons

Advertising on various social networks, television and radio is one of the oldest methods of advertising and excessive advertising can have the opposite effect on the viewer, but stylish, creative and up-to-date packaging is always silent and wordless advertising. It brings the products to the customer’s attention, this is the best advertisement.

Packaging Design

Do not underestimate the design of a package. It is a safe to ay that today, every package that has a beautiful and unique design will have very high sales.

That is, it is so complete and attractive that in encourages the buyer who does not have the experience of buying or does nor know the product and does not have enough information about it. In other words, successful graphic packaging design must sell the product itself.

A US study by a group of marketing researchers found that 72% of customer agreed that packaging design could influence their decision. This an exact reason why a designer should pay a special attention to the design of any pack.

Attracting consumer’s attention to your products and the breadth of customer choice creates competition in the product, which in turn reinforces the need for market differentiation.

In designing packaging, various factors must be considered. The first is the color and model of the packaging is done, attract them.

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