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Toy box carton is one of the most common types of packaging for toys. You can see different types of toys in the market that are seen in different sizes, and for all these products, cardboard and carton boxes are usually used.



Toy box

Toy box carton: Making toy boxes with cartons is usually used for any type of toy. A toy is that often designed for children, but it is not uncommon for adults to use it. Choosing a good toy requires care and patience because a child plays with that toy for long hours and choosing a good toy is very important.

Important points that are involved in choosing a toy 1. material of the toy 2. Age range 3. Gender, there are other points that are more important than others.

Failure to pay attention to these points can lead to serious risks for example, if the toy is not of goof quality and non-standard and sub standard colors are used, this may cause irreparable damage to the child because the child puts these objects in his mouth a lot. An if the color is in appropriate, it will have destructive effects on the child’s health.

The second point is the age category. It is also very important to pay attention to the age group pf children because some toys are designed for a specific age group and are not at all suitable for children under 3 years old and infants.

Toys that have small parts and sharp parts are nit recommended for this age group because the child may eat small parts and suffocate.

Attention to the child’s gender is also an influential factor in choosing toys. For example, you can never buy a Barbie doll for a buy or give it to a girl as a motorcycle and as a doll for war soldiers. It is very important to pay attention to gender because any child can communicate with toys according to their gender.


Toys are very useful for the child if they are bought according to the mentioned points, because by engaging the dire senses, it strengthens them in the child and entertains and enhance his abilities.

Toy packaging design

Toy box cartonSince most toy packages are made of carton and cardboard, the design of their boxes is much easier than other packages. You can see all kinds of carton and cardboard boxes for toys in the markets. Each of which has beautiful and pleasing designs and colors.\

Carton boxes with digital printing are one of the most widely used types if packaging because the carton box is pre-designed and designer designs the desire items and inserts it on the carton box like am advertising poster.

This printing is one of the most popular types of printing for products such as toys due to the resolution of images and logos.


A good and creative designer to a series of information already received. For example, having information such as age and gender helps a lot of the designer, because related to these two points, a suitable design is formed.

The colors used for packaging girl’s toys are mostly pink, lilac, orange and red, but for boys, jade green, brown, brick, etc. are used. In addition to gender, age group is also slightly involved. For example, for children and infants, it is preferable to use bright colors.

Observing these points is very small but practical, and paying attention to them creates an attention design and also has a good effect on the customer’s mind.

Packaging type

Carton and cardboard boxes are usually used for toys. Manufacturers who export these products often order laminated boxes. Laminated boxes are very beautiful and attractive due to the type of printing they have, which has a great impact on sales and marketing.

You all know the benefits of this type of packaging and you know that due t features such as light weight. High recyclability and environmental protection, they are very popular among manufacturers and customers.


According to the study if the above article. you will find out hoe important the design and type of packaging is on products such as toys, which affects all aspects such as marketing, sales and exports.

Therefore, Avin Pack Carton Company, with a variety of modern machines and a team specializing in the fields of design, production and sales, can provide you with valuable assistance in choosing toy packaging, and you too for more information, leave the production of your toy packaging to us.

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