calculating cardboard sheets

Calculating price of cardboard sheets is done through a process and taking into account the factors that we will explain in the following. Cardboard boxes with many fans that have found among manufacturers, are a good option for product packages in domestic and foreign models.

Advantages of carton and cardboard packaging

Calculating price of cardboard sheets: Since every manufacturer wants its product to be un damage in the domestic and foreign markets and have minimal waste, they like packs that give them this is assurance. Cardboard and carton packages in different sizes and shapes, high printing capability and easier transportation are among the most popular options, most manufacturers that have extensive activities in the export sector use laminated packaging because such packs with a special beauty that is obtained from the quality of their printing play a significant role in selling products.

Factors affecting the price of cartons

There are several factors that affect the price of cartons, and we will give a brief explanation about each of them so that manufacturers can get good information by reading this article and can order the best packaging for their products.

To order a carton, its dimensions ( length, width, height) are very important, which determines how much paper your box needs. Having the desired size in calculating the price is essential what products to produce.

Carton layers ( top, middle and flutes) all play a role in calculating the price. For example, if a factory intends to order a 5-layer carton, it must specify the cover paper, flutes and middle paper to obtain a specific price.

flutes of cartons

Type of printing and number of colors in printing: different types of printing are used on carton and cardboard packages, which we will talk about briefly in the following.

Silk screen printing: Silk is a type of printing that uses a templates in the most print, it is used through cylinders, stencils and zinc, which is indirect, but in silk screen printing, it is inserted directly on the desired packaging.


The type of carton or plain carton box, laminated carton and cardboard each differ in calculating the price. For example, laminated cartons, which with their special beauty in the field of export, have a process that is sent to the printing house prints and submitted design on cardboard and in the next step, if cellophane is needed, it is done separately, and at the end, a cellophane poster is obtained, which is pasted on the carton using modern devices.

Flexo printing: In flexo printing, the desired design and logo are printed directly on the carton, which costs less, but due to the limitations in the design and color, it can not be a good option for export because it has good effects in attracting it does not create customer feedback and this has a significant impact on sales.

Offset printing: Offset printing consists of 4 main colors, which include blue, yellow, black and red, and in some models, depending on the customers needs, can be used in other colors, which are inserted on the cardboard through zinc.


The cost of the ,old may be the carton you want to order, simple or die cut, the price of which is different from each other. The model of the box in question, a mold must be made for it, here although the manufacturer must pay for the mold in the first order, but if he wants high circulations of the carton, he can use the mold again and not pay for the mold next time.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why carton and cardboard packaging? Carton and cardboard packaging with high printability and goof recyclability can be the most popular types of packs products.
  2. How to calculate the price of cardboard and carton boxes? The dimensions of the carton, which include (length, width and height) and the material of the paper, the flutes and the layers of the carton are among the factors influencing the price of the carton.
  3. What type of printing is suitable for export? Offset printing, which consists of 4 main colors, with better points in design and color, offers better printing that other types of printing, which has a lot of fans in field of export.


The factors mentioned in this article all play a role in how to calculate the price of cardboard sheets, and paying attention to all of them provides the manufacturer with a basic price in the field of cardboard and carton boxes. In this regard, Avin Pack Carton Company, with its excellent team in the production, design and production sections, can be at your service with free consultation and in the (contact us) section, so that you can get the best packaging for the most suitable price to order your products.

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