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Moving carton are used for home and office use, moving is a that every person has encountered at least once in his life, fragile items such as crystal and porcelain are always at risk when moving, and you should be in a carton that will nor break. Therefore, moving cartons are widely used for home use and are widely sold.



Produce moving carton

The main feature of this moving carton is that it can bear a lot of weight inside, that is, it has high strength. After regularly arranging the items in the moving carton, it is necessary to close the lid tightly with glue. Al items that want to be moved to new location should be packed. Goods that are fragile should be packed in cartons and larger items such as: furniture can be packs in other ways, like bubble wrap. Carton packaging can help organize and find items quickly, it can probably take a lot of time, but instead increasing your chances of success during the transportation of home furnishings and no damage to appliance.


The importance of moving cartons

Note that buying standard furniture cartons has the following advantage:

  1. The speed of moving increase due to the use of standard furniture carton and their naming.
  2. Packing with standard furniture cartons is in order.
  3. Moving cartons are free of contamination and you can put sanitary ware in them.
  4. Moving carton protect fragile items from external damage.

Dimension of moving carton

There are moving cartons in different dimensions that are produced according to the needs of customer and consumer. In some rare cases, these cartons can be produced according to customer wishes and their desired sizes, but usually in a specific dimension are made which are intended for public consumption so that people with different number of accessories and different weights can use these cartons. Moving carton can be divided into 5 categories in terms of size, as follows:

  1. Huge 2. Large 3. Medium 4. Small 5. Tiny

39*45*59     huge

19*38.5*45    large

49*37*45       medium

22*30*45       small

15*38*41       tiny

Types of moving carton

Moving carton must be suitable for carrying cargo and their size is neither too big nor too small. These cartons are produced in specific dimensions that are designed to place home and office equipment.

3-layer carton: this type of carton is made of two layers of strong cardboard and the middle layer is made of corrugated cardboard this type id very fixed and is used for non-breakable kitchen appliances, books and other similar items.

5-layer carton: one of the best type of  moving cartons are 5-layer cartons that with their remarkable strength, on average, have a special use for 18 kg packaging of furniture and accessories, whose structure is made of three layers of smooth cardboard and two layers of corrugated cardboard.

Price of moving carton

The price of packaging carton depends on several factors, how to buy, grain and general purchase, carton dimensions, thickness, etc. are factors that at play a role in how to calculate the price of moving carton. The larger the carton dimensions and the greater their thickness. Of course, their price is also higher. In the field of grain or general purchase, it can be said that since in the discussion of moving it is not possible to specify exactly how many cartons are needed, it is better to buy such packs in general, the number of which is nor small.

Important points if using moving carton

Note that some moving carton cannot be reused because they lose their quality after one use, but you can use your reused moving carton for unimportant and light items. Fil the carton to a certain extent. Some people think that the moving carton can overfill their capacity, this will only make your package heavier and more difficult to transport.

As you know, these types of cartons are not waterproof and are made of cardboard. If you are worried that your things will get wet in the carton due to climate change, it is better to put a large layer of plastic in the carton first and then put your goods in it.

About us

Cartons are one of the tools that are used for packing as well as moving. Since the number of carton cannot be specified for moving items, it is better to order these types of cartons in general and in packs.

Avin pack Carton Company with the production of such cartons can guide your esteemed buyers in the best way by giving you free advice. You can communicate with the sales department colleagues through but section (contact us).

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