Mazafati date box

Mazafati date box has been one of the products produced in Avin pack printing and packaging industries. For many years, the country date exporters have realized the importance of packaging in the global sale of their products, and for this reason, they are spending more and more time and money on the production of date boxes and big cartons of dates.



Mazafati date box

In the mazafati date box, after the quality of product inside the carton, the beauty and quality of the packaging is considered a symbol of the industrial and commercial identity of our country. Avin pack printing and packaging industries, especially in the packaging of Mazafati date cartons in compliance with international standards, have been able to satisfy the tastes of domestic and foreign customers for years and play a key role in the country export.


carton of date palms and the purchase price of the box and the big carton of date vary according to the type of materials that is used for production. Many customers who want to package export dates attract great importance to the packaging of their product. This is also true for brands used in the country that have a good reputation.

Export and ordinary date boxes

There are different types of date boxes. The simplest type is the of telescopic boxes, which have separate doors and insole and also produced in different types of short-legged or long-legged doors. And at the same time, it is possible to produce very stylish and export boxes according to the typed of raw materials and printing design for export, usually a long-legged lid is used for mazafati date cartons.

Another typed of date box is a type of keyboard date box that has an integrated lid nd body and is similar to a box. this type can also be produced in printed or laminated form, which is the most suitable typed of laminated luxurious and are more popular among exporters.


Sliding date box

Sliding date box is another type of date carton that according to its name, you can notice the type of opening and closing of the box lid, which has the shape of match box. It is considered a luxury package and due to the wide type of production, the necessary calculation must be made to determine the purchase price of the box and carton of big size of carton in this type. Other type of date boxes and Mazafati date cartons are also produced in creative packages that require a beautiful and specific design of the mold and design.

sliding date carton

Small boxes of dates of Mazafati type in packages of 200, 400 to 700 grams in the form of twelve and sixteen in big carton. The price of big carton of dates is also determined according to type of order circulation and other factors.


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Avin Pack Manufacuring Factories Group, with more than 10 years of experience in cartoning, boxing, design, printing and packaging of products with the highest quality and reasonable prices in the market, proudly guides you to make the right choice for communication with the expert the cantact us section.

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