Date packaging in Iran is usually offered with a repetitive and well-known model, although if you search the Internet, you will find that not only date packaging but also the packaging design of all products has changed a lot and compared to the market and customers today have made significant changes and improvements.



Date packaging

Date packaging: The date harvest a long history: It is believed to have been cultivated first in Iraq and then in other countries such as Egypt and Pakistan. In Iran, the southern cities of the country, tropical and subtropical region have the cultivation of this ancient and rich fruit.


Dates are exported to many countries, including India, China, Malaysia, and many other countries in Europe and United States.

Date box

To pack dates, you first need to consider a box of dates. Packed palm boxes can be produced in different designs and different prints. Date box printing and date box design have a great impact on the sale of your product.

Date Carton

After specifying the date box, it is the turn of the date carton. Date cartons are basically also called( mother carton) or American carton, which put 10 or 12 date boxes in these cartons. Date carton has many advantages, the most important of which is the ease of transporting the date box.


Types of date

Among different types of date, Pyaram, Mazafati, Kabkab, Zahedi, Shahani, Khasovi and dates are usually suitable for export. With these interpretations, the packaging carton of date as valuable fruit should be in such as way that in addition to the attractive design.

The materials used in its production are as compatible with the product as possible and during the storage and transportation process of the contents protect inside the box.

Pyaram date

The most expensive among its different types in Payarm date. The type of sugar in dates and its absorption in such that it is very suitable for diabetics. The nutritional value of this fruit has made traditional and modern medicine emphasize this fruit in the shopping carto of families.

Mazafati date

Due to its high moisture content, Mazafati dates are usually tastier than other types of dates.

Kabkab date

Kabkab dates are one of the tasty types that some people are in favor of this type of dates .

Zahedi date

Zahedi dates with golden color and semi-dry texture and less sweetness are used for nuts and its export is popular due to easy transportation.

Shahani date

Shahani date is one of the type of dates from which date juice is obtained.

Khasovi date

Khasovi date that looks like orka has a very good taste and is very popular in the south of the country.

Rabi date

Rabi dates are usually dark brown in color and the Khark is red and slightly moist green. The sweetness of this date is less than Mazafati dates.


Properties of dates

*Promote digestive health, relieve constipation

Most dates are classified as a laxative. That is why they are often eaten by people with constipation. Dates have a high level of soluble fiber, which is essential for facilitating bowel movements and easy passage of food through the  intestines, which can eliminate the signs if moisture.

*Bone health and strength

The significant amount of minerals in dates makes it a great food to strengthen bones and fight painful and debilitating diseases such as osteoporosis.


The significant amount of iron in date has made this fruit a suitable dietary supplement for people with anemia.

*Energy booster

Dates contain natural sugar such as glucose, fructose and sucrose. Therefore, they are a perfect snack for energy explosion. Many people around the world use dates as an afternoon snack.

*Strengthen heart health

In addition to promoting gut health, the fiber in dates helps boost heart health. Studies have shown that dates reduce the risk of stroke and other heart-related diseases.


Dates are rich n magnesium, a mineral known to have anti-inflammatory benefits. Studies show that magnesium can effectively reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, osteoarthritis, Alzheimer’s disease and inflammatory diseases.

*Lower blood pressure

Today, one of the most common diseases is high blood pressure, and the magnesium in dates can lower blood pressure.

The research on dates show that consuming them prevents various cancers in the gastrointestinal tract. In Islam, eating dates is highly recommended and its unique properties of dates that show the potential of this product to0 be offered in domestic and foreign markets, because all over the world, different people are familiar with the benefits of this fruit and use in their diet. Therefore, the importance of producing a suitable packaging for this product felt more than ever.

Unfortunately, in Iran, the issue of packaging is not given much importance and this has caused many international markets to be out of reach.

At present, date packaging boxes are produced on 400, 600 and 800 gram types, which are available with a variety of keyboard, sliding and other models. Usually, date packaging boxes are placed in several large cartons, which are known as (carton mother). In addition to better product protection and packaging, they also facilitate storage and transportation.

Date packaging company

Carton, box making, printing and packaging industries of AvinPack, with more than a decade of activity on the filed of packaging all kinds of domestic market products as well as export products are ready to sign contracts with esteemed applicants.

If you need specialized production of date packaging boxes, you can contact our experts through online support to our contact page for guidance.

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