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Packaging company is a company that has the ability to produce one of the different types of packaging of goods and products. The packaging company must be equipped with a variety of production and printing machines to be able to produce and supply quality packaging.



Carton and packaging box

Packaging company of cartons and packaging boxes is one of the important needs of every country and society that the manufacturing industries of a country should put their final product in a certain number in cardboard boxes and cartons yo facilitate their transportation and storage.


What is packaging?

You may have heard it said that packaging is like your suit, which means that packaging is your product cover ad protects the contents of your product. Today, it is called the age of communication and people everywhere, despite their many needs, will be faced with different signs and packaging plays an important role to remain in the minds of the audience.

The role of packaging

The description on your product introduced the product and can also explain the price, how to use the maintain, technical and chemical specification of the products expiration date and other factors that appear on the packaging of your product which is very important in marketing and sales.

Important points in choosing a suitable packaging

Packaging design can b considered as one of the first points in improving the business and selling as product (food packaging, date packaging , dried fruit packaging, etc.) is one of the most widely used packaging.

Choosing the right color and amount, the typed of letters, and the words together after choosing the right packaging, is crucial in selling and marketing the product.

Design and color in packaging

Design, which is one of the first factors and the most important part in packaging, which was mentioned in detail above.

packaging design

The type of design used and the color chosen in the packaging attract the minds and cause more sale of the product. Proper use of color spectrum and observance of harmony has a great impact on visiting and buying a product.


Using the most popular colors creates a good feeling and shape of the product, which can usually turn the consumer into a regular customers of your product.

The role of packaging in export

The importance of packaging in exports can be expressed in such a way that packaging has an important place in every country and despite the close competition between manufacturers the quality and beauty of packaging is at the top with the increase of foreign orders and exports and the entry if foreign currency into the country, we will see job creation and an increase in national income, which in a way can also contribute to supporting domestic production.


How to brand in packaging

With the advent of the digital world, manufacturers are given the opportunity to surpass each other in branding their products. These efforts should be used in cases as gaining customers trust, quality ingredients, quality and attractive packaging, honest in product promotion and etc.

Concluding remarks

Different packages with attractive colors and unique designs make a company successful as well as branded. In this regard , Avin Pack Packaging Company is ready to provide services in the packaging industry.

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