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Carton making and the key to export success is important issue. Questions like how I do succeed? What is the secret of export success? Or have you heard a phrase like more sales, better exports? This question poses a great challenge in the minds of manufacturer because if we all work in the field of production and export, our brand and its reputation inside and outside the country is also important, by spending ten minutes for this article, you can better figure out the secret of export success, join us.




Carton making and the key to export success, meaning that today all countries have goods and products that they exported to other countries have goods and products that they export to other countries. Our country also has a number of special and unique products in various fields that can be found anywhere in the world. for example, dates that are exported from Iran to other countries have many times higher quality than other dates or saffron that is grown from the eastern parts of our country is not like that.

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The question is why in some causes where our country is very leading in that field, its sales or exports have been very poor? The answer to this question is very clear, packaging, yes, not paying attention to this important industry is one of the factors of weakness in exports. Unfortunately, in our country, some goods are offered without proper packaging, for example, goods such as saffron which has a high financial value, are sold in bulk.

Well, this food must be included in its special packaging in order to remain healthy and free of any conditions to reach the consumer, packaging that ensures the hygiene of the product and has a proper appearance.

what are the features of export packaging?

Carton making and the key to export success The question that arises is what exactly is export packaging? What kind of export packs are they called? To answer these questions, we must first examine the main work of packaging. Packaging means that your goods reach the buyers without any damage. Now, in addition to having such a task, export packs must also have proper transportation conditions and appearance.

A successful export packaging ha features such as appropriate dimensions and size, produced from high quality materials that ensure the health of the product, ease of use of packaging, having an attractive design and color, inserting standard signs, etc. are some of the things that can make your product sell better. Note that poor packaging can turn high quality goods into unsold products.

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The role of carton manufacturing in exports

You see many types of packaging, but what is the role of cartoning in the success of export? The most important thing in packaging is to pay attention to the type of transportation, which means you need to know for what products and under what conditions the carton and box you have produces will be exported, for example, a carton that is to be transported in a ship for a week.

It loses almost half of its resistance due to high humidity. Now imagine that the same carton stays in the ship for 5 weeks with the same humidity, what do you think will happen to the products that are in these cartons? The condition during which the packaging carton is to be moved are very important because the inaccuracy and inattention of the manufacturer of the product type and its condition s cause of the destruction of the packaging and damage to the goods, which results in nothing bus loses for the exporters.

Practical tips for export packaging

the secret of selling products is their packaging. This industry is so important that is absence for products imposes a very irreparable loss on the manufacturer or exporter. The quality of the packaging and the type of pack are important in maintaining it.

Another point that is directly related to more sales is the design of the product pack. Since the product pack itself is an advertising stand, its attractive design has a double effect on the mind of the customer and the buyer. with a little more cost for great product design and printing, you can increase your marketing and sales, which will have a long- term impact.

Another factor that can affect sales is the price of your pack. The product pack should not have a high selling price, but should be produced in such a way that different section of society can afford it. Some manufacturer of export cartons and packaging boxes reduce the price by reducing the quality of raw materials, but you should know that this will cause a lot of damage in the long run.

Taste, attitude and most importantly the power of analysis of people in the community is much better than in the past, for example, a buyer who notices that you do not pay attention to the packaging of your product will distrust the product.

Well, suppose the number of these people is very high, will your other product sell well? So instead of applying poor quality or so-called customer deception, it is better to look for solutions that your packs, along with the appropriate appearance and quality, are not cheap but acceptable.


There are the most important and effective factors that can be applied for better sales. There is no substitute for the role that product packaging plays in selling and engraving your brand. AvinCarton is one of the suitable and attractive packages for export because with its advance machines and creative and diligent production group, it has the ability to satisfy dear customers.

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