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The best gift boxes can be made with a little creativity, at home for your loved ones and give them as gifts on different occasions. The best boxes are made with covered cardboard, which you can find in all stationery stores.



To start, it is recommended to first draw he shape of the box you want to make on paper or cardboard and determine its actual dimensions, then cut out the shapes with scissors. Sometimes, folding the cut cardboard causes other shapes to be made, and sometimes by gluing two cut cardboards, new shapes are created.

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The best cardboard to make a cardboard box

there are different types of cardboard in the market, such as inderboard, gray back, glass and kraft with solid colors or different colors. To select the desired cardboard, a structural quality discussion and a heating discussion should be considered. Heat is the thickness of the cardboard, for example, inderboard cardboard can be found in the market from approximately 180-220-270-300 and 350 heats. The heat of 350 has the highest in relation to 180, and the quality is called the raw materials that make it cardboard, and finally, the method of construction is not unaffected by its quality.

What is bag shop or shopping bag?

Cardboards handbags, now known as bag shops or shopping bags, are one of the most widely used bags in marketing and sales. However, these bags are handbags are mostly used for gifts and purchases.

gift box

One of the attractive promotional product is these gift boxes. You have probably seen different type of bags, sacks and bag shops that you can see by entering the name of logo, brand in some cases the contact number of your business on them.

These bags are considered a two-way advertisement because they are reusable so people keep these boxes for a longer period of time. Another reason that these bag shops have found special fans is the excessive use of disposable plastics. These days, when environmentalists are trying to get people to use reusable gift boxes instead of plastic bags, you can do your part in preserving nature and the environment.

Uses of Bag shop

Bag shop or shopping bags are used in many cases, for example, you can use hand bags instead of plastic bags where you put your products by printing brand on bag shops, you can keep your brand in the customer mind for a long time because these packs have a longer shelf life and people use them to transport other items.

Most of the uses of such bags are usually in bookstore, clothing, gift and decorative stores and so on. You can create an attractive hand bag that acts like a moving billboard of your brand with a simple color printing and using beautiful designs.

Types of hand bags

You will find many hand bags, and envelopes in various types, each will a specific material that is used for special occasions.

Shiny hand bag

As its name suggests, this type of sack is made of glassine cardboard, which is mostly used in boutiques, shops and jewelry exhibitions which are produced in two types of glossy and matte, on which gilding and embossing writings can be done.

Kraft hand bag

Kraft gif boxes are commonly used for restaurants, fast food and stores. These types of hand bags are usually of the brown types, which are available from dark to light, which are produced accordin to the customers wishes. Due to their material, these hand bags usually have more elastic properties that can be used for offset and flexographic printing.

Paper hand bag

Another type of bag shop are paper gif boxes, which are made of weaker material than shiny and kraft cardboard. These hand bags are more sensitive to moisture absorb moisture faster. Paper bags are used for shop and clothing items, but heavier accessories can not be placed inside from them because they are less durable than shiny and kraft bags.

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